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Letter from CEO/Founder/Owner Design & Fashion Magazine

Iva Lorenz — “Everything Starts With A DREAM”…

It is an exciting and incredible choice of how to spend this life … but, it allows me to dream as I will live forever!
Being alone brings inspiration to me. Having abundant free space around me, motivates me to think and create. I have been an artist and jewelry designer for as long as I can remember, and on this fascinating “life road” I met many people who have told me that this is too much work for one person to do. They probably don’t know, but I was dealing with my “lonely occupation” throughout my life and it is just another exciting step to make. Even back years ago, when I was a young girl, my dreams were way bigger than the village I was born in.
The idea to walk into the international publishing community with the “D&F Magazine was so great! In my most challenging moments, I always remember the reason why I choose to do it, and the thoughts of it have helped me greatly in getting through this journey.
The real reason to do this edition – is the people around me who live such different lives. They have many varied interests, unique styles, and yet each of them has their own amazing dream. To support them in their quest for success is my biggest dream and my investment in what they absolutely deserve.
Aside from any promotional or commercial reasons, as well as the business/pragmatism which is absolutely necessary these days, I wanted to bring to our readers the very real stories of real people. All of the stories which you will find in this edition were written by restauranteurs, artists, cooks, designers, hairdressers, doctors, creators, teachers, musicians, entrepreneurs – the very same people we see and meet in our lives every day. They are not professional writers. Each of them had an opportunity to write their story, from their hearts, with a wish to share their passion, knowledge, and skills, to invite and serve our Community.
So, many thanks to the people who decided to be promoted and actively participate with us in Design & Fashion Magazine – I wanted you to know that I truly enjoy working with you and feel honored to be chosen to publish your story. My best wishes for your success on this journey to make this world a beautiful place to live in and to help each other succeed.
Each of you is really appreciated and I will do my very best to continue serving you for many years to come.

Iva Lorenz
CEO/Founder/Owner Design & Fashion Magazine


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