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D&F Magazine is a luxury magazine, offering a local focus with a global outlook.
We are a publishing company designed to provide professional advertising and support for designers, creators, companies, and products. Magazine’s direct mail print circulation reaches South Florida’s most affluent consumers. DESIGN&FASHION offers the best in Art, Jewelry, Dining, Fashion, Interior design, Shopping, Beauty & Health, and other products and services. For more in-depth information, contact an advertisement representative of Design & Fashion Magazine.
When it comes to Design & Fashion Magazine advertising, most people think of the large, glossy, publications full of big brand advertisers… It may seem like your own business doesn’t belong alongside the “big guys”, but that does not have to be the case. In fact, it’s quite possible the next time you open one of our magazines and see an advertisement for a business that’s right in your own town that just has that one location,  that’s because our magazine has local sections aimed at smaller businesses.
Promotions with our advertisements are really good for small, “niche” stores that carry very specialized products, like hobby items. People will travel great distances to find a new supplier or expert or specialist for their hobby, and they’ll spread the word of your existence to others with similar interests.
Your business doesn’t have to tie directly into the topics of our magazines, as long as our readers would also be interested in your product or services, and that is what we aim to achieve for you. Remember, it’s the audience that counts, and you can find that audience in any number of places.
One advantage of OUR magazine, especially being seasonable, is that Design & Fashion Magazine is often browsed through for months after publication.
OUR magazine also offers to place advertisements on our website,  at very reasonable rates, even for free, if you’re advertising in our hard copy issues.
If you can swing it and you’re interested in selling worldwide or reaching a wider audience in your own hometown, this is a great idea! (Be sure to put your web address, or URL, on every print ad, no matter where it runs and put a link on your online advertisement that takes people directly to your own site.)Design & Fashion Magazine is a fashion and leisure publication both online and in print in a luxurious format.

Frequently Asked Questions:
*What’s the magazine’s circulation? –  The print distribution is seven thousand. Print readership fourteen thousand per season.  DESIGN&FASHION Magazine targeted distribution is direct mailed to the most prestigious neighborhoods and high-profile businesses throughout South Florida.
*What are the demographics of the readers? – Magazine’s direct mail print circulation reaches South Florida’s most affluent consumers. The readers and users are Florida’s visitors and tourists from the north mainly for the best traveling season in Florida, November through February.
* How is it distributed?  –  The magazine is delivered to exclusive drop point locations that have a lot of annual visitors which include the Fort Lauderdale executive residence, Shops at Sawgrass Mills, selected Boutique Hotels, Inter-coastal residence’s by mail, condo’s, beauty salons, local clinics and hospitals, restaurants and spa’s.
*How often is the magazine published? – Two times a year,  October through December, December through March.
*What are the special sections or themes planned for the year? –  D&F magazine offers the best in Art, Jewelry, Dining, Fashion, Interior design, Shopping, Beauty & Health other products and services.


Letter from CEO/Founder/Owner Design & Fashion Magazine

Iva Lorenz  — “Everything Starts With A DREAM”…

It is an exciting and incredible choice of how to spend this life … but, it allows me to dream as I will live forever!
Being alone brings inspiration to me. Having abundant free space around me, motivates me to think and create. I have been an artist and jewelry designer for as long as I can remember, and on this fascinating “life road” I met many people who have told me that this is too much work for one person to do. They probably don’t know, but I was dealing with my “lonely occupation” throughout my life and it is just another exciting step to make. Even back years ago, when I was a young girl, my dreams were way bigger than the village I was born in.
The idea to walk into the international publishing community with the “D&F Magazine was so great! In my most challenging moments, I always remember the reason why I choose to do it, and the thoughts of it have helped me greatly in getting through this journey.
The real reason to do this edition – is the people around me who live such different lives. They have many varied interests, unique styles, and yet each of them has their own amazing dream. To support them in their quest for success is my biggest dream and my investment in what they absolutely deserve.
Aside from any promotional or commercial reasons, as well as the business/pragmatism which is absolutely necessary these days, I wanted to bring to our readers the very real stories of real people. All of the stories which you will find in this edition were written by restauranteurs, artists, cooks, designers, hairdressers, doctors, creators, teachers, musicians, entrepreneurs – the very same people we see and meet in our lives every day. They are not professional writers. Each of them had an opportunity to write their story, from their hearts, with a wish to share their passion, knowledge, and skills, to invite and serve our Community.
So, many thanks to the people who decided to be promoted and actively participate with us in Design & Fashion Magazine – I wanted you to know that I truly enjoy working with you and feel honored to be chosen to publish your story. My best wishes for your success on this journey to make this world a beautiful place to live in and to help each other succeed.
Each of you are really appreciated and I will do my very best to continue serving you for many years to come.

Iva Lorenz
CEO/Founder/Owner Design & Fashion Magazine

Letter From The Editor 2019/2020

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