Men’s Rings – Your Ultimate Guide

From ancient history to the present day, men have worn rings to signify wealth, privilege, and marital status. Even today, you’ll see men with college rings, society rings, and club rings that have a private meaning and one which is personal to them.

The benefits of wearing a ring

  • A gold band on your ring finger makes it instantly obvious that you’re off the market, and hopefully, you’ll be able to enjoy a night out without unwanted advances.
  • Stress toys are for kids. Real men can occupy their time and focus their attention with nothing more than the rings on their fingers.
  • Rings naturally accessorize with what you’re wearing, and add an intangible je ne sais quoi to any outfit. A gemstone ring in particular, can help to bring out colors.
  • Show your affiliation with a ring on your pinky. You can display your love of a football team, a college, or even a political party with an understated signet ring .
  • Gold is expensive. If you’re committed to showing off your good fortune to the world, there’s no better way than by sporting a fistful of bling.

Which finger should men wear a ring on?

You’re free to wear a ring on whichever finger you choose. There are no rules or laws (in the U.S. at least) that regulate what you can put on your fingers.

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That being said, there are still certain expectations. There are traditional norms and mores – some of which have survived to modern times, and some which have been discarded in the trash can of history.

1: Thumb rings

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Thumb rings are still fairly unusual in the U.S., although they are growing in popularity. If you’re already wearing two rings on one hand, your thumb can be the best place to wear another if you don’t want your digits to feel overcrowded.

2: Index finger rings

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It’s for pointing at things. Long ago, certain very highly placed people would use their index finger for a signet ring bearing their family crest, however, it’s now even less common than a signet ring on the pinky. If you really want your ring to be noticed, wear it on your index finger and spend some time pointing at things.

3: Middle finger rings

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The middle finger doesn’t come with any historical baggage, so there’s no need to worry about people thinking you’re either married or an anachronistic scribe, and you can wear whichever type of ring you choose. However, a bulky ring on what is already your largest finger may interfere with your index and ring fingers.

4: Ring finger rings

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As the name suggests, this is the finger on which men are expected to wear a ring. Specifically, a wedding ring if on the left hand. There are no regulations stating that you have to. You can wear a wedding ring on whichever finger you choose, or not wear one at all, but if you’re wearing a ring on this finger, most people will assume that you’re married.

5: Pinky finger rings

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Historically, this finger was reserved for signet rings that were used to sign legal and official documents by pressing the ring face into hot wax and thus creating a seal. However, that has fallen out of use since the advent of the ballpoint pen and self-sealing envelopes.
For the last hundred years or so, the pinky finger has been home to college rings and club rings, usually bearing an ornate pattern, coat of arms, or seal.

Men’s Signet rings

Men’s signet rings are old-school cool. As the name suggests, signet rings should have some sort of sign or symbol on them. Usually, this will be a coat of arms or the motif of a club or college. But there’s nothing stopping you from having the badge of your favorite football team embossed on a signet ring, or even making up your own design.

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Signet rings for men are usually made of gold and can be worn on the pinky finger of either hand or less commonly, on the index finger.

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