IVANA RUZZO Upcycled Couture – “I Love Preloved”

For recycled clothing in the USA, we were impressed by Ivana Ruzzo for their recycled materials and their recycling designs. The member of the ‘Fashion Industry Association’, American/Ukrainian Designer Ivana Ruzzo created new ART TO WEAR , “Right Amount Of Wrong” Upcycled Clothing Collection. She says – “I Love Preloved” !!! She believes new clothes made from old materials are the next best thing!

Shabby Chic Stanner! “RICH GIRL” Maxi Skirt By Designer Ivana Ruzzo “Right Amount Of Wrong” Upcycled Collection 2022 /model Ioana Mihalache Yomtob

IR – ‘I literally chop vintage clothing and resew it into new pieces. It could be deadstock clothing from high-quality fabrics, vintage fabric, scarfs, abandoned ocean fishing nets, you name it.”

“Be IRIE Stand up for your rights” Maxi Dress Ivana Ruzzo designer patchwork 100 % handmade from “Art o Wear” collection 2020 / Model Kaye R

Upcycled clothing is the method of taking old, worn out, or damaged materials and transforming them into brand new pieces. Also referred to as repurposed clothing, reused clothing, and recycled clothing, upcycled garments are becoming increasingly popular in the contemporary fashion industry.
IR – “I gave it a second life in someone’s fashionable wardrobe”.

I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND” from “Right Amount Of Wrong” Upcycled Collection Maxi Dress. Absolutely unique. Upcycled & Recycled in Shabby Chic Style Patchwork, 100 % Handmade. Cotton/Rayon. Super comfortable, flowy. Really unique, with only soft organic sub fabrics involve. Street style/NY rustic/country chick/Artsy Unperfect. One of the kind. 2019

Eco-minded Ivana Ruzzo designs offerings include T-shirts, sweaters, kimonos, and loungewear made with swatches of upcycled denim and wool. Now that the frightening facts about the environmental and ethical impacts of the garment industry have become inescapable, repurposing fashion has another opportunity to take hold, even at the designer level.

“Midnight Matroshka” Maxi sress made fro ucycled Russian scarfs. Authentic Artizan patchwork by deasigner Ivana Ruzzo from “ART TO WEAR” Upcycled Collection 2019

IR – “It’s not something that is usually associated with luxury; however, I think this is changing. My customers, who focus on environmental impact really considered my creations incredibly fashion-forward in the luxury space”

“Beautifier” Soft organic 100% Silk fabrics. Made by hand. Bohemian style. Size about L/10, oversized. From Ivana Ruzzo “Right Amount Of Wrong” Upcycled Collection Maxi Dress Ioana Mihalache Yomtob 2021

Ivana Ruzzo a clothing brand that emphasizes ethical sourcing and manufacturing, organic materials, upcycling and recycling, and a circular economy. They are a big hit among millennials who care about both the environment and looking spiffy. The line of hipster-friendly attire includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, muscle shirts, even luxury resort wear.

“Million Dollars Angel” From Ivana Ruzzo “Right Amount Of Wrong” Upcycled Collection Maxi Dress 2019 / model Viktoria Yakuba | VK

IR – “Whether it’s humble denim, vintage rugs, lace, or glittery lamé, there’s no limit to the textiles that I can breathe new life into. So there are new ideas that bring upcycling into our hearts.”

“Limited Edition” Set From Ivana Ruzzo “Right Amount Of Wrong” Upcycled Collection Maxi Dress/set 2021

The key difference between upcycled clothing and recycled clothing is that whereas upcycled clothing brands use whole pieces of existing garments to create something new, with recycling, materials must be broken down before they can be reused.

I AM NOTHING LIKE YOU Designer Maxi Skirt From Ivana Ruzzo “Right Amount Of Wrong” Upcycled Collection Maxi Dress/set 2019

IR – “I’ve never worked on a collection like this” notes designer. “In the beginning, it was quite difficult for everyone to adapt – and it’s still difficult. When you make a kimono with upcycled fabrics, the first is going to be in one color, the second will change to a different color. The people who sell, buy, and the people who produce need to understand that.”

Ioana Mihalache Yomtob Shabby Chic Stanner! “I’M YOUR CHERIE” Maxi Skirt Designer, Authentic Artizan patchwork Linen from “Right Amount Of Wrong” Upcycled Collection 2022

There are many environmental benefits to wearing upcycled pieces. Upcycled clothing uses significantly fewer raw materials, reducing the harmful impacts of fashion production. Less water usage, fewer chemicals, and carbon emissions and avoiding contributing to landfills, upcycled clothing exists in stark contrast to the likes of one-season pieces from fast fashion brands.
IR – “Another key feature is the affordable price point on these absolutely unique and exclusive clothes, which makes it easier for conscious consumers to shop ethically”

From Ivana Ruzzo “Right Amount Of Wrong” Upcycled Collection Maxi Dress / Model Viktoria Yakuba | VK

Besides this, the designer promotes prolonging the life of used clothes by redesigning them into new pieces.
IVANA RUZZO uses vintage pieces – mainly denim and outerwear and upcycles them into lavish designs. Using embroidery and embellishment from offcuts and production waste creates one-of-a-kind pieces.
Ivana created a sustainable fashion brand that enables women to express themselves through bold and unique statement pieces.

“TODAY I AM DOING NOTHING” Contemporary Bohemian KIMONO from “ART TO WEAR” collection 2020

Each piece of the brand is made of the highest quality deadstock fabrics, surplus fabrics that were not sold by the textile mills and left in storage, sourced from all across the world. The designer is focused on creating unique pieces with small-batch production that are handcrafted by the designer.

“MAMA DRAMA Facebook” Contemporary Bohemian KIMONO. From Ivana Ruzzo “ART TO WEAR” collection 2020

The brand is dedicated to a circular economy.
If you’re in search of something super unique and artisan today, you can’t go wrong with the “ART TO WEAR” 2021 and “Right Amount Of Wrong” 2022 Upcycled Clothing Collection by Ivana Ruzzo, created from a range of recycled materials. See more details about these at the bottom of the article.



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