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We met Erasmo Lacerati. Originally from Sicily, Milanese by adoption. Erasmo has moved to Milan and created his brand ‘Erasmo Lacerati’. He kept growing up and he is now one of the most promising fashion visionaries. –  “My women must feel practical in their movements wearing my clothes, but also original and modern, with a touch of poetry” … from our first interview with Italian fashion designer Erasmo Lacerati, exclusively for D&F Magazine, USA 2021.

D&F: Erasmo, How young were you when you developed your design talent? When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a designer?

– ‘I was born in Sicily, Milanese by adoption. My mother was a seamstress, she gave me inspiration from an early age, she sewed with the pedal machines. Since I was a child, I used to play with my mother’s scraps of fabric while she sewed. When I grew up I undertook my academic studies and decide to move to Milan. Because Milan was more busy and stylish, it became the fashion capital for me. My inspiration was “Quadilatero Della Moda” – fashion quadrilateral. I believe, Italian fashion is known for being rather edgy and sexy compared to that of the other fashion capitals. I started working in a small tailor’s shop.”

D&F: Can you tell us something about your background? Who is inspiring you, who is a mentor to you?

– “The elegance and style of Gianfranco Ferrè certainly inspired me.  I attended one of his fashion shows at the Triennale in Milan in 1996 Mr. Ferré was one of the biggest names in Italian fashion, his austere gowns that often caused me to marvel over their elaborate construction. He placed a visible emphasis on the seams of his garments, a signature rooted in his early training not as a designer, but as an architect.”

D&F: Where do you look for creative inspiration?

– “True, all that sartorial magic has to come from somewhere.   My inspiration comes in the process of observing a fabric, the softness, the luster or the opacity, stiff or airy all the fabrics I like. I have a weakness for cold colors and shads, celestial above all, but also dark green moss, white as well as essential black, more on-demand today.
I love to observe women… the shape… I love them…I always try to understand and admire them… I like the sporty classy woman, the chic girl worldly and courageous always exploring new horizons, the refined lady, the crazy woman who is sure of her evident femininity. I see the inspiration concept all around, it’s take me away to a different place and time.”

D&F:  How do you balance between being unique and having a commercial side?

 – “The balance between unique and commercial, it seems more a current issue, it’s difficult but not impossible. If you take away the exclusivity and the rarity, then my brand would lose its luster.  I always work on unique pieces, almost moulage effect, I try to reinvent a woman who is practical in dressing, but with refinement in fabrics colors combinations. I don’t want to be contacted once a year for a dress, but rather more often lowering the price of every single item. I believe when more women are around wearing my design, which means more possible advertising for my brand. The perfect balance – It’s exquisite, it’s expensive and it’s exclusive. I think these values confer luxury status. These same values ensure that they stay relevant, and in high demand by consumers. The reason, my consumers are willing to spend on my designs is because of their scarcity, and exclusivity.”

D&F:  How do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes?

– “My women must feel practical in their movements wearing my clothes, but also original and modern, with a touch of poetry and art. My clothes are made based on the individual’s own requirements. Therefore, the unique design, fabric type, and choice of colors, all make the cloth look gorgeous and classy.  My clothes are never made in bulk, I have to invest a significant amount of time, effort in my creations. Therefore, women will get a unique design every time they shop for my designer clothes.”

D&F: What plans do you have for the ‘ Erasmo ‘ brand?
– “Yes, I have many projects. One of my plans is to bring and introduce my ‘Erasmo Lacerati’ brand into the USA, because America is a land of equal opportunity for Luxury Brands. For the luxury industry, the country is a conundrum. I know, it is hard for new designer brands to make it in the U.S., but it is becoming more important for me to try.”  

D&F: Earsmo, where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
 _ “10 years is a long term!  First of all I hope to be in good health!!! I want to make my dream come true. I have an aspiration to turn my design, into high-quality goods. Surely I want to see myself as a sophisticated designer. I know I can dress more women, and believe they will love to wear clothes with my name.”

2021 /FASHION/ D&F Magazine

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