Toilet Bowl Waterfall

Toilet bowls, sinks and urinals are displayed on the toilet waterfall in Foshan city, south China’s Guangdong province

Foshan, a city in central Guangdong province in China, has one of the strangest public art – a fountain built out of 10,000 recycled toilets, sinks and urinals covering a wall 100 meters long and almost 5 meters high.

Toilet Waterfall Cascades in Foshan, China

The fountain/waterfall was originally designed for the 2009 Foshan Pottery and Porcelain Festival, a porcelain product tradeshow, before being installed as a permanent piece of public art. It is just one of the many impressive ceramic sculptures residing in Shiwan Park.

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The “art piece” was created by Chinese artist Shu Yong, who along with his team, spent 2 months installing the toilets. The toilets are a mixture of unwanted factory seconds and ones donated by foreigners and locals.

Toilet Bowl Waterfall in Foshan, China | Amusing Planet

All the toilets and urinals are actually connected to a tap so that they could be flushed. The installation is flooded periodically, creating a cascading waterfall to the amusement of the onlookers.

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