Irresistibly Delicious! Gordon Ramsay’s Fried Chicken Recipe

There are very few in this world who may have not heard of Gordon Ramsay. He is a celebrated master chef with multi Michelin stars to his name. He is also an author, a reality show host and a restaurateur. He is, however, most popularly known for his unique style of critiquing.

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Gordon Ramsay often posts funny videos of himself sarcastically critiquing recipe videos posted by others attempting to recreate his iconic dishes. As much as he is loved for his witty sense of humor, we adore him even more for his delicious recipes that leave us salivating.

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This time the celebrity chef has evoked our pangs of hunger and craving with his version of the fried chicken recipe.

How To Make Gordon Ramsay-Style Fried Chicken:

To make Gordon Ramsay’s pickle brined chicken recipe you will need the following ingredients:

For the marination:

1) Chicken

2) Pickle brine

3) Buttermilk

4) Onions

5) Garlic

6) Dill

7) Smoked Paprika

8) Salt

For the dredge:

1) Flour

2) Cayenne Pepper

3) Smoked Paprika

4) Salt

5) Pepper

6) Cornstarch

For Coleslaw:

Mix together in a large bowl thinly sliced cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, green onions, and regular onions. Toss with plenty of mayonnaise and salt. Serve cold.

Start by combining all the ingredients in the marinade and place the chicken in it overnight. Prepare the dredge and coat the chicken in buttermilk and then the dry flour mixture and fry until golden brown. Enjoy with a cool and crunchy coleslaw.

For the dip
In a bowl, add softened butter with honey salt, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, and pepper. Add a few dashes of hot sauce and mix well. Dip hot fried chicken and enjoy.

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