Jewelry Designer Charlotte Hosten

An interview with jewelry designer Charlotte Hosten

I’m a major fan. I have been for years. Charlotte is not only talented, she’s smart as a whip.

I had the opportunity to meet Charlotte several years ago when she worked out of her first atelier, during an interview her for my former blog. I’ve always been fond of her gorgeous designs and ability to incorporate vintage pieces, with history and cachet, such as passed down heirlooms, into her work. “I love to make things that have a story.” She says. She also uses materials from India and Africa too, to add to the story theme and to add more uniqueness. A hard worker, she has built an important following and a solid business.

Upcycled Gothic Ornaments : Charlotte Hosten

Charlotte also studied law but, unlike me, never practiced. In French we say, Le droit mène à tout pourvu que l’on en sorte…( liberal translation: the law leads to everything as long as you leave it…) and became passionate about making bracelets at the tender age of fifteen after a close friend had showed her a bracelet she had made. She’s also passionate about discussing the mind-body-spirit connection, after going through some health issues, which makes Charlotte a woman after my own heart.

Charlotte Hosten with a choker that she won — Eva Friede

What I love most about Charlotte is her independence, her fiery spirit, her curiosity and intelligence. She does not follow trends, but focuses on originality and quality and tries to do what’s best for the planet in terms of the materials she uses in her work, in her packaging and shipping.


When asked about the state of the fashion industry and the need to be more eco-conscious, she provides a nuanced and passionate response. ” It’s not easy to do the right thing all the time. We try to look where something is made but at the same time, we have a limited resources to work with.” She gives the example of recently looking for biodegradable paper plates for her daughter’s birthday, having found them on Amazon. “Is this the best solution?” And she compares this with shopping for clothes but admits to being a fan and client of local vintage shops and friperies in Montreal’s Mile End.

collier-charlotte-hosten-perles-bijoux-montreal-web – Ooh ! Something shiny

I agree that it’s not always so simple to make the right choice when it comes to clothing. As a matter of fact, it can become downright confusing. Buying second hand or investing in quality pieces is the best way to go.

PORTFOLIO — charlotte hosten

One thing is certain, you can never go wrong by encouraging local artists, like Charlotte Hosten. You can also find Charlotte on her website:


About the writer: My name is Isabelle Laflèche I’m a wellness warrior, a nature lover, and a yogi. That wasn’t always the case. I’ve gone through massive life changes in the past few years. I hope my journey speaks to you

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