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Masks – Ultimate Fashion Accessory of 2020

Unusual Masks People Are Using To Protect Themselves From COVID-19 Masks are the ultimate fashion accessory of 2020 is that we’re all also discovering something new about ourselves: our face mask style, whether it’s stripes, pretty florals, funny face coverings or masks with slogans.

People wearing masks of pigs were seen at a shopping district in Tokyo, Japan.

Many people around the world are embracing that directive, using whatever they have to make creative face masks.

With no end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic, some countries have made it mandatory for people to wear face masks when they go out.

“Be kind. Mask up!” the star told the VMAs audience. Fighting back tears, I nodded and said, “I will, Lady Gaga. I will.”

Also, some people are facing this crisis in style and have designed incredibly creative and unique face masks. While others are going for pop culture references with their own masks.

Inevitably, some of us REALLY want to stand out from the crowd – and that’s why these superbly unique face masks, from faux fur or leather face coverings to face masks with dramatic ruffles and bows, have caught our attention.

Prince Charles, Macaulay Culkin, Amy Schumer, Tom Felton and Billie Eilish Lady Gaga prefer reusable fabric pieces with decor or prints.

When you ask people why they wear their mask or cloth face covering, you get lots of different answers, and with good reason. We are all individuals living in different circumstances. The good news is that any reason is the right reason to wear a mask. Here are the top responses to the question, “Why do you mask?” To keep myself well. People often say things like, “I can’t afford to get sick.” Which is true. No one can afford to get sick with a potentially fatal disease. Even a few weeks of illness creates huge inconveniences and financial distress for many. While we know that masks actually protect people who come into contact with the wearer more than the wearer themselves, wearing a mask sets a good example and encourages others to wear masks too. That means everyone is less likely to get ill.To keep my friends and neighbors safe. That’s right. Your mask protects others from any infection you may be unknowingly carrying. It protects anyone that you come into contact with, including grocery store workers, fellow shoppers, family, and friends. Many note that they wear their masks particularly to protect the most vulnerable people in our communities, including the elderly and those with conditions that put them at higher risk.
It is so easy. Wearing a mask, for most people, is as easy a thing as could possibly be accomplished. It is a small thing that makes a big difference. If you’re having difficulty finding a mask, a handkerchief or other improvised face covering is better than nothing.
It’s a form of self-expression. For those artistic folks among us, a mask presents a whole new opportunity to introduce fun colors and patterns to their wardrobe.
For healthcare workers and first responders. As someone who works in a hospital, I love this reason for wearing a mask. Even if you never come into direct contact with a hospital worker or first responder, your mask shows them you care. You are keeping them safe by limiting the spread of illness in your community. We appreciate it!
To get back to business. Right on. The more people wear masks, the fewer cases there will be. And when cases are fewer, we can get back to doing the things that make our lives healthy and productive, like going back to work and back to school. We’ll also have easier access to the services we rely on, which is good for our neighbors’ livelihoods and our economy overall.
To get back to fun. Masks lessen cases. The more of us wear masks, the sooner we will be able to do things like visit friends, go to movies, travel where we want, and eat out safely. It’s a way to show your support for good times ahead.
To embrace the new normal. Showing yourself in your mask helps normalize it for people who are still uncomfortable with wearing theirs. Before long, when everyone has a mask on, it’s no longer unusual. You may even stop noticing altogether. Until, you see someone without a mask, which will seem out of place.
What’s your reason? Show your support for mask wearing by sharing it with a photo of you in your mask publicly on social media. When you use these hashtags—#SVHC #MasksOnVT and #WearingisCaring—the Vermont Department of Health and SVHC will share your post to help raise awareness of the shift towards mask wearing. Thanks for your support.

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