ROMANTIC ESCAPES – Butterfly Valley

The Hidden and Hard-To-Reach Beautiful Beaches, Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Vadisi) makes a dramatic first impression with its narrow gorge, steep cliffs, and white sand.

Reachable only by boat, the secluded cove gets its name from the many species of butterflies and moths that breed in the valley. Butterfly Valley is located on the western coast of Belcekiz Bay, in Fethiye district, Muğla Province, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

The romantic name of this coast is not accidental. It is that more than 80 species of butterflies live on the territory of the valley of the butterflies and in its surroundings. Some insects are very rare. Experienced mountaineers can finish their championship on the coast. The cliffs surrounding the bay are ideal for mountaineering.

In Turkey, there is also a picturesque and unified beach for lovers of recreation in the tranquil atmosphere. In the surroundings of Oludeniz is the valley of the butterflies – the incredibly beautiful sand bay surrounded by the 350-meter high Babadag rocks. The tourists, who want to get to the isolated beach by land, must be on the way for almost a day. It is much easier to get to the coast by boat. In the high season, a camping company is available to the beach guests.

All those interested can spend a few days on this picturesque coast and enjoy the pure sea and the landscapes surrounding the beach. The camping is located in the tiny village of Faralia, which is located on the rocks, high above the beach. Apart from the campsites, the beach equipment is offered to the tourists. The quiet bay is an excellent place for diving and other water sports.

By Olga Bejuà /2020 for D&F Magazine

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