The Boho “Gypsy” Skirt Phenomenon

It’s unlikely that you missed it, eclectic ethnic has swept the nation with phenomenal speed, reaching a peak in Autumn with the ultra-feminine Gypsy Boho skirt.

Bohemian Skirt is a fashion style strongly related to hippie fashion, in which natural fabrics, retro patterns, neutrals and warm shades merge with 70s style accents and a flair for statement accessories. Women began to wear skirts for the first time in years. This revived 1970’s tiered ‘Hippy Skirt’ has been a worldwide success and because of the easy fit with mostly elasticated waist/drawstring and lots of hip room it is ultra-comfortable. In addition, this makes it very easy to manufacture with one size often adjusting to fit many.

“Bohémien” was a common term describing (often in a pejorative way) the Romani or “Gypsy” population of France, who originated in northern India and arrived in Mid-West Asia and Europe around 1,000 years ago.

Ethnic touches had been around for some time in the noughties, but no one could have truly forecast just how they would come together to culminate in the huge and how universally adopted Gypsy Boho Look. Yet now, with fall, upon us we find the time has come to move forward. This is easily achievable with the Rich Russian Look which will take you through the transition from Boho to Babushka with ease.

After a decade of trousers or trousers suits, women of every age group have now successfully completed their skirt training! Skirts now easily compete with jeans, trousers, cropped pants, and shorts for attention.

So if you’ve loved Boho don’t despair, with just a few key wardrobe additions you will move smoothly through to the newer Russian Look.

Available at Boho gypsy skirts have swept the world. Global communication means that fashion ideas translate quickly from one country to another. Never mind imports, this skirt is as easy to make in Manchester as in India or in San Francisco By Hand!

Whilst pondering on the popularity of gypsy skirt in World-fashion this year and how my forum readers really went overboard for skirts, in general, this year. This was the first time though that I had read that it has no name. In Europe we mainly call it a gypsy skirt.

But I have to say, I do recognize other confusing terms here such as Boho, tiered, peasant, and crinkled all terms most used around. So with a gypsy that makes about 5 terms I’ve been using to describe it on various occasions. I’ve checked out some mass-market retailers around the World and most describe it as a Gypsy skirt, or as a Boho skirt or as a tiered skirt.

Strictly speaking, most skirts are named according to the cut such as flare, straight, box pleat, accordion pleat, panel, princess seamed, wrap over, circular, and so on.Just to make sure we are all visualizing the same skirt this is how I think of Boho skirts, although teens have worn them as much shorter minis with just 2 tiers. Two different Boho, gypsy, tiered, flouncy, crinkled peasant skirts! Bohemian “Gypsy Skirt” is defined as an alternative type of fashion, different from the mainstream trends of any given period in time. In fact, this exact definition applies to the entire history of the trend. Over 200 years ago, bohemian was a term referred to an exotic style sense, usually associated with the artists of the time, as well as with writers and certain eccentric intellectuals.

By Olga Bejuà /2020 for D&F Magazine

Up-cycled & Recycled Couture by designer IVANA RUZZO

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