Trip To Nowhere

Airlines Offer Flights To Nowhere And Tickets Sell Out Quickly!
Airport offering flights to nowhere for people who want the illusion of travel.

If your favorite part of taking a trip is going through the airport, then you’re in luck — a Taiwanese airport has created an experience for TSA-starved travelers to check in for a flight, go through security and then board the aircraft … and sit.
Taipai Songshan Airport began offering passengers a trip to nowhere in early July, and received about 7,000 interested guests, New York Post reported. Only 60 were chosen from the pool for the half-day airplane “trips” that will continue in the next couple of weeks.
Taiwan has encouraged citizens to not travel internationally unless in cases of emergency.
Those who were selected for the phony flight received boarding passes and continued through the typical security process they would if traveling international. Once through, guests gathered at their gate where they waited to board a China Airlines plane — Taiwan’s major carrier, which the island considered renaming during the pandemic because of its close resemblance to Chinese airline Air China.
Those who took part in the gimmick practiced safe social distancing and wore their mandated masks as they talked with flight attendants and admired the new safety measures the airport has installed due to the coronavirus, the Post reported.
Taiwan reacted swiftly to the COVID-19 outbreak with border closures. The self-governed island off mainland China has had seven coronavirus-related deaths.

By Alexandra Deabler

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