Boeing 737 Max Private Jet Interior Design

This Boeing 737 Max private jet interior design looks more like a futuristic spaceship than it does a private jet
Boeing unveiled a design concept for its 737 Max aircraft shortly before its grounding that upends traditional aircraft interior designs.
The Genesis concept was designed by Argentinian firm SkyStyle and introduces a futuristic look to the aircraft’s interior, incorporating technology in the furnishings.
Five passenger compartments are included in the concept including a galley, dining area, living room, office space, and master bedroom, as well as a master bathroom.
Boeing’s line of private jets is reserved for a special kind of wealthy. Known as Boeing Business Jets, or BBJs for short, they’re the private jet equivalent of airliners.
With sticker prices for the cheapest just shy of $100 million, even the average millionaire likely couldn’t afford to have one in their stable.
Notable owners of the converted jets include Tony Robbins with his newest private jet, a BBJ 737, and President Donald Trump, who flew on a Boeing 757 filled with gold-plating before being elected president. When the super-rich buys an aircraft of Boeing’s size, the process of designing the interior is comparable more to decorating a home as they seek to personalize the jet.
Owners of the jets frequently turn to design firms to craft the intricate interiors of their homes away from home. While there’s no shortage of luxurious ideas, one firm teamed up with Boeing for a new futuristic design that for its 737 Max aircraft that looks more like a science fiction spaceship than it does a private jet.

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