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It’s that time of year again, and if you forgot, we got your back. It’s Mother’s Day! What better way to celebrate the mama bear in your life than with her very own unique Mother’s Day gifts? Put a smile on her face this May 12 with a small token of appreciation. Show your love by using as your go-to resource for funny, quirky, cute, and memorable gifts this spring!  Walk into any big-box store, pick up an item at random off the shelf, and look at the label. Chances are you’ll see the same three words on the tag: “Made in China.”However, there are some signs this trend is starting to reverse itself. The Reshoring Initiative, a nonprofit group aimed at restoring American manufacturing jobs, reports that more than 300 companies have moved production back to the United States since 2010, creating about 240,000 new jobs. As a result, that “Made in USA” label – though still rare – is slowly making its way back onto more products.

Spiritual Rose

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Buying American-made goods doesn’t just support the workers who make those goods. Its benefits also ripple out through the entire economy.

This Is Love

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The most common reason shoppers give for buying American is to help save or create jobs in the United States.


Enigma $20.00 Quick View

80% of American shoppers say they prefer to buy goods made in the United States. More than 60% say they’d even be willing to pay 10% more for an American-made product.

Just The Sweet Thing

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Shoppers have many different reasons for choosing American-made goods. We making our product for the sole purpose of helping U.S. consumers spend their shopping dollars in ways that support U.S. workers.

In The Moment

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Most of the American-made products on Consumer Reports’ list are fairly high-end.



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Buying American products has many positive impacts on the economy, but it’s often overlooked. First and foremost, buying American reduces the unemployment rate over a period of time. When companies manufacture in America and consumers focus on buying American-made products, the demand increases.

Summer days

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When you buy goods manufactured in the USA, you can be confident that American consumer protection laws and safety standards are in place to protect your and your family.

W/in gold/ We See Each Other

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Not only are you protecting your family, but you are protecting the rights of those who would be exploited overseas. No nation can compete on product price with a country willing to massively exploit and pollute its own people with cheaper and less safe manufacturing practices. When you buy only American-made products, you insist on a higher standard in your own country, but also countries around the world.


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Buying American-made products helps combat the trade imbalance we see in our country now.

All My Love

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We are as the U.S. design community support and encourage government and corporate efforts. We boost the national psyche and attitude, and provide vision and branding support to national policy efforts, among other things.


One Dragonfly

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Those who know us know we’ve long been a student of psychology and consumer behavior. People’s attitudes change when they’re on a mission to survive in the current COVID-19 moment.

Ear Candy

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Our future generations matter. Jobs for our children and grandchildren are important so that they can build a life for themselves and provide for their families.

Royal Blue

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The more money that is invested in buying American-made products, the more money will get put back into manufacturing American-Made goods.

New York - New York

New York – New York $78.00 Quick View

Creating demand for American-made products means that more people will need to create those American-made products.


The Whisper Of Summer

 The Whisper Of Summer $35.00 Quick View

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We as Americans have pride in our nation and in our independence. Relying on another country’s exports is counterintuitive to our sense of being and to our national pride.

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