FASHION – a highly exclusive and competitive industry.
No matter what you do, who you work with, or what people say – do the best you can, be consistent, always do good work you can be proud of.
No one will cheer or support you all the time, nobody will guide you, nobody will give you a hand. Actually, no, they will give you one thing – a lot of advice. And the irony about those who actively give you advice – most of the time they are the losers, those who never made it… ironic indeed. If “they” will tell you…” you are not Calvin Kline or not one of the high-end designers…” – take it as a compliment.
Because each of us should be a bright individual, unique, and creative as nobody else. If you want to work for world-class clients and magazines today, you need to find your one, proven way to promote
yourself and have people you can trust. Yes, trust, because there is also another group of “helpers, supporters, and advisers” out there. They will charge you a “big buck” for a “pay to play” scam. They will mercilessly take every dime you have for the empty walls in their empty properties, their plastic 6 ft. tables in the middle of nowhere, people will not like it if you will try to get the stylist’s number unsolicited or ask to be Facebook friends with the editor. You will continue
losing money on doubtful promotions, questionable benefits, hopeless promises to deliver a “real buyer” to you.
The fact is, if you are an unknown designer and live in a small city – you will hit the constraints on creative freedom in a smaller,
more commercial, and oftentimes conservative market.
Oh, yes, back to our unknown creators, designers, artists, and hustling entrepreneurs.
Until you get a few regular commercial clients, it will be pretty hard to work as a fashion designer for a living. Get ready to maintain a day job. The upside is that you will have opportunities to network and grow.
Ok, here we are not talking about those people with Mr. Big $ behind their shoulder, or daddies daughters’, or those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and found themselves being bored, who woke up one morning and said….”Hmm…. I have always wanted to be a designer, standing on a red carpet, smiling to rapturous strangers from the walkway, being careless and benevolent with paparazzi…” No, it’s not about them, that group of “designers” will always exist.

Today, I want to admire the unknown creators – extremely talented, vulnerable people who are living by a Dream, breathing with that Dream. People, who most of the time have nothing, but dedicate their talent to make this world a beautiful place. They see and feel things in a different way, from the first rays of morning sun to the last one during the day, they spend days sketching, metering, sewing, and drawing, struggling for perfection.

If you would choose to do it full-time for a few years, that in itself, could be a route to breaking into the field of fashion,
especially at major fashion cities, where you get to experience large, high-end productions. But, always keep in mind, the first rule of your job – to assist and serve your customer. Act smart and professional. Set a budget to promote your new brand.

In my opinion, photographers and models are important. A good fashion photographer and model should possess a basic knowledge of fashion. A good understanding of the subject will go a long way towards helping your career. Many photographers try to shoot fashion, without knowing what fashion is. It shows. Don’t let these mistakes hold you back from the ability to produce better work.
Also, keep in mind that publications differ from one another in demographics and aesthetics. Networking is pretty much a
prerequisite in the fashion industry. Art and Fashion is a tough, secretive world and it will never exist and survive without admirers, sponsors, and followers.

FASHION today is competitive and aggressive.
And it is possible, that despite all your hard work, you will continue to face rejection, over and over again… There is no great secret or shortcut, it is going to be a tough journey, and you must be prepared for the long-haul. In order to get in, it requires dedication, commitment, hard work, and oftentimes, a dash of good luck and timing.
So, find the reason why you want to do this from the beginning. In your toughest moments, your reason is what will get you through!

Iva Lorenz for D&F Magazine

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