Originally from Europe, traveled a lot, lived to the Bahamas Islands, one day landed in Florida. When I arrive in Key West the first time, my mind was captured with vibes of warm air mixed with tropical flowers, culture, spices of local traditional food, and of course people! I felt like Juan Ponce de León! ( the first European to reach Florida. In April 1513 he landed on the coast of Florida and named the region Florida because it was discovered at Easter time).

Living bohemian life as “Enigma” for many, I continue to create a magical cloud of lace tracery mixing with natural pearls, crystals, and stones…


But the special place from my childhood will always be frozen in my memory as the picture of a warm summer night right after sunset, people sitting in the beautiful garden, it is so late… but no one wants to leave.. my mother playing old accordion, I still hear this melody and see my grandma making amazing crochet under soft light.

The little needle hook playing in her hands like a butterfly. Wondrous, absolutely magical cloud of lace flowing under her hands. I’m sitting on a little chair right in afront of her hands and can’t stop to look and this miracle, trying to catch the beautiful secret of making marvelous tracery from one single thread.


I loved to listen to their old stories about the days of the world’s first Industrial Revolution, political reform and social change, Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin, a railway boom and the first telephone and telegraph, the beginning of the Crimean War and Jack the Ripper – Victorian Era.


The art and history excited my imagination. Dreams and creativity were always fascinating in my little world. I saw myself building wearable art. I wanted to create and own exclusively designed pieces, owning a piece of my one fine art that will last for a lifetime. Making with my hands something that will bring a bit of the extraordinary to the casual live.


Model: Julissa Ciara Miami, FL, USA

I still continually revisit my designs themes and get inspiration from around the World. I draw inspiration from a strong historical legacy and modern themes with a wide range of styles reminiscent of Hollywood glamour, magic gardens, and the many facets of celebratory occasions.Very special care is given to finishes to provide long-lasting comfort and flexibility to the wearer.

I propose to your overview the large online collection of artisan handcrafted jewelry, BOHEMIAN LOVER – Ivana Ruzzo Unique Crochet Jewelry Collection,

Ivana Ruzzo designer outfits – Luxury Resort Collection

Ivana Ruzzo Contemporary unpredictable “Overloved Upcycled & Recycled”

Ivana Ruzzo ‘Art To Wear” – Genuine Stones Jewelry Collection,

Accessories and other handmade artisan treasures.

Made by Hand in the USA.

For orders online:
For personal appointment: 954-328-0266

By the designer Ivana Ruzzo exclusive for D&F Magazine


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