“WAR BETWEEN PEARLS AND ROSES” new floral resort Collection 2019/2020

by  American designer Ivana Ruzzo

If you were looking for something great and bold in new designers works, here it is for your attention – an alliance of floral fabrics and jewelry, Silk, Pearls, and Floral accessories by Ivana Ruzzo. In recent years she brought a line of gem-grade and also the raw freshwater irregular pearls to the market. Pearl lovers will be enchanted by the range of natural colors freshwater pearls boast, like lavender, pink, white and the myriad of dyed options, South Sea Pearls. Fully handmade, the collection was designed by IVANA RUZZO, inspired by collaboration and friendship with the professional model Ioana Mihalache/Yomtob, Miss universe Romania. (Wikipedia   https://en.wikipedia.or/wiki/Ioana_Mihalache. An intriguing woman with an interesting story. Miss Earth Romania 2013/2014, Miss Grand Romania 2016/2017,


Miss Universe Romania 2017/2018

We’re finally living in an age when designers make clothes for normal “everyday” women! As IVANA RUZZO shows her current collection “WAR BETWEEN PEARLS AND ROSES”  that she worked before the Fashion Week, we wanted to share their favorite memories of constellation MODEL/DESIGNER together.

Designer Ivana Ruzzo  – “The friendship with Ioana was transformed into a very productive process of creativity personified. Intuitive, we were super innovative. As a Model Ioana was wit and her inexhaustible energy was infectious and inspiring in equal measure. She possesses a deep passion for fashion and modeling. In this journey, She was my muse, and also a profoundly cultured, kind and charismatic friend, with an unparalleled vision of modeling.”

IVANA RUZZO Design studio /by appointment/ FL, USA. Visit Ivana Ruzzo Online Store to discover current and newest designs


Model:  Ioana Yomtob – Sophisticated professional modeling

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