How To Spot A Gucci Fake


A fake Gucci bag is not something that you want to be surprised with after the purchase. In fact, many people today are shocked to find out that the type of handbag they actually purchased is not worth much at all, and once the transaction is all done, they are left with nothing more than a counterfeit accessory. What a sad thing it is to love Gucci handbags so much and not be able to tell the difference between a faux Gucci handbag and genuine luxury handbags.

While it can be a complex task for some people to decipher the differences between a real and a fake Gucci bag, we put together an easy-to-use authentication guide to Gucci handbags.

You do not have to let counterfeit Gucci handbag distributors make money off of your inability to authenticate Gucci handbags. Know the difference and be confident in your purchase of anything and everything you love Gucci. It will not only make a difference in your designer handbag collection, but it also could end up saving you thousands of dollars.


Performing a Gucci authenticity check is an essential part of the purchasing process, but it does NOT start at the register. You need to know how to tell the difference between a real and a fake Gucci handbag long before you enter the online marketplace.

Before you put any Gucci item in your cart, you will need to perform an authentication check. Look for these red flags it’s a faux Gucci when shopping for a luxury handbag or other accessory.


Use these tips on how to perform a Gucci authentication. How to spot a fake is as easy as verifying these 5 indicators of a faux Gucci.


The beauty of a genuine Gucci bag includes your personal style and of course (if you did not already know) a serial number. This is a go-to way to authenticate any real Gucci handbag.

The serial number is always considered the best way to know if you have a fake Gucci handbag on your hands. Look for a serial number tag typically located on a leather patch inside the handbag. You will know it is there when you see it is sewn on the inside of the bag on the top. No real Gucci has a serial number tag on the sides of the bag.

The serial number tag is also a rectangle or a square. When buying a luxury handbag online you can use a Gucci serial number lookup to make sure it’s not a fake. You can see the serial number tag will always have the same appearance for real Gucci bags and you may also want to pay close attention to these details.

  • The trademark symbol may be missing.
  • “Gucci” in the middle has a letter G formed in the same way as in the interlocking G’s of the logo.
  • “Made in Italy” at the bottom should all be in lowercase in the same font as the company title above it.
  • The lettering of the Gucci logo is identifiable when you know these characteristics: Round G, that almost looks like an O, serifs in the font are equal, unlike interlocking G’s, two sides of the U include one side with a thicker line than the right side (which is very thin). The C’s are also very round like the G.

NOTE: For Gucci bags made in the 1990s, the tags will have a slightly rounded corner and the trademark symbol will also be missing. Another note on this decade of Gucci handbags includes the stamp of MADE IN ITALY. You will notice it is in all uppercase letters as well as the word GUCCI.

Finally, the serial number tag can help you weed out the fakes by identifying the two rows. In newer Gucci bags, the serial number will be stacked one on top of the other, and there are also never letters. If the serial number on the bag is alpha-numerical you know for sure it is faux.

Vintage Gucci handbags, however, may include serial numbers with additional characters and variations in the format including hyphens, periods, and number lines that are not perfect. Other factors include the number of digits. Look for a number including 10 -13 characters. Perform this Gucci serial number check any time you need to make a purchase any place but in-store.


The Gucci logo is an important brand element. No longer interlocking the G’s, the updated designer logo now includes overlapping G’s.

new gucci logo


If you have a real Gucci handbag, it will stand up to the test of time. The hardware including zippers and engraving will never peel, feel lightweight, dent or be covered in plastic. The hardware on any style or collection of Gucci bags will always be heavy and never made out of plastic or soft metal.

In some of the newer Gucci bags, you may also notice engraved Gucci logos on the underside of the zipper. Look for signs that your Gucci handbag is a fake with a poor engraving of the name “Gucci,” on any hardware. If it is uneven, blurry or unclean in any way, it is a red flag for a faux Gucci handbag.


An authentic Gucci handbag will never come in a plastic package. In fact, the specific type of packaging that a Gucci bag includes will always provide a dust bag to protect the item you purchased in either a dark brown, light brown or black color.

Information cards are also included in authentic Gucci packaging. If it is a fake Gucci, the card will commonly include errors in font, logo or details that indicate the bag is not genuine. Newer Gucci handbags also include a label on the inside with what is known as a “QR” code – apart of the packaging paperwork included with a genuine Gucci handbag purchase.

gucci bag packaging


A genuine Gucci handbag will also include what is known as a controllato card. In Italian, “controllato,” means “checked,” and so you will know that if you see the controllato card, the bag has completed the manufacturing process with verified quality.

The Gucci controllato card can be counterfeited relatively well, so you will need to verify the Gucci logo is on top, then the word controllato, followed by a set of 10 numbers (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0) with one single space. This information is written in a stack of three text lines with center justification.

gucci controllato card

NOTE: If you want to spot a fake Gucci handbag, look for the controllato card to tell you if the bag is real, but remember that the card can be taken out of one bag and added to another item. The card is separate from the bag and, because it is included in the packaging, you cannot always dismiss a bag if it does not have a controllato card.

Learning how to authenticate a Gucci handbag gets easier as you build up your collection of luxury accessories. Use this Gucci authenticity checklist to spot a fake Gucci bag. Apply this simple how-to guide to authenticate Gucci handbags before any purchase and you will be happier with your collection, as well as the return on investment for anything GUCCI.

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