He Made Almost A Billion After 50


In 1952, a struggling paper cup salesman named Ray wouldn’t have predicted the absurd fortune that was soon about to fall into his lap.

Ray was just a regular American with big hopes and dreams that never materialized.

But sure as the sun does rise, Ray stumbled upon what’s considered the greatest wealth creation event in history – and amassed a fortune the size of a small country.

You may have already guessed that I’m speaking of Ray Kroc, the Burger Baron and late owner of the billion-dollar McDonald’s franchise.

But what you may not know is… McDonald’s didn’t balloon because it sold burgers and fries…

… nor did its stock price soar – making early investors rich – because of its mascot, Ronald McDonald.

Instead, McDonald’s became a $100 billion behemoth because of something hardly anyone could’ve dreamed up at the time…

Can you guess? It was real estate – buying and leasing restaurant space to its franchisees!

In fact, last year it was reported that McDonald’s made $30 billion from renting real estate.

Can you believe it? If you want to own a McDonald’s, you must pay for the right to use their land FIRST. No getting around it.

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