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Denise Bidot And Body Positivity


In a society where women are continuously told to look a certain way, plus-size model Denise Bidot is pioneering the conversation on body positivity. When the ‘No Wrong Way’ activist isn’t flourishing in her modeling career, being a rockstar mom or working on her hobbies— she’s feeding her followers exclusive beauty tips. Known for her enviable, fluffy brows, it’s not surprising fans are continuously begging the boricua for a tutorial. In true Denise fashion, she delivered and we finally know the secret behind her bold brows.

Whether you have sparse brows or naturally thick ones, anyone can pull off a bold look. All you need is the right tools and guidance, hence why we’re enrolling in Denise’s master brow class! To create her full, perfectly sculpted brows, the Puerto Rican model uses soap on her brows.

“Soapbrows is a killer; it is killing the game in the eyebrow arena,” exclaimed Denise during her social media video. As she shows off the Soapbrow kit, $14, to the camera, the model tells followers how to properly use the product. Used by top makeup artists and beauty gurus, the soap styles and holds brows to the desired shape. The brow tool concept and packaging is super handy and comes in a portable and mess-free tin for an on-the-go makeup touch up.

Denise first adds MAC’s Fix Plus Spray, $22 into the brow tin to melt the soap a bit. Then using her spoolie, the model brushes her brows upward to keep them in place and prep them for her brow sculpting session. Mimicking hair strand, Denise draws small feathered-strokes on to her brows with MAC’s Shape + Shade Brow Tint, $22. Within seconds of her light-hand technique, she creates a full-feathered brow dream.

‘Til next time, we’ll keep taking notes on how to achieve Denise Bidot’s full-feathered brows.




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