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It was a great pleasure to step into Francy’s salon, located near A1A, North Fort Lauderdale. Our first interview with Francy was really impressive. During the conversation, I could not take my eyes away from the lovely, friendly interior and beautiful orchids placed at the guest table.

D&F:  Tell us a Little About Your Education, Work Experience and Passion?  Francy: I am is a Colombia native, studied at best Beauty Schools and schools of Cosmetology. In USA 1983 and moves to Florida 1993. I have been a licensed hairstylist for 40 years. I specialize in haircuts, natural hair care, and passionate about perfecting each haircut and style I begin.

D&F:   What services are available? Can your customers book extra services while they are at the salon? Francy: YES, Absolutely! For the hair – Cuts, relaxers, perms, colors, shampoo, conditioning, curling, reconstructing, weaving, waving. Skincare – European facials, body waxing, massage. We also use the Liposonix for fat reduction – the device, allowing it to treat all the areas of the body. Nails – manicures/pedicures, polish, sculptured nails, Microblading, and more.

D&F:   Which are the main products you use and recommend for your customer?

Francy: I will highly recommend Moroccanoil, Beverly Hills hair care. I will highly recommend the natural oils,  usually keeps your hair shiny for at least 2 to 3 days’ he rejuvenating Moroccan  Oil Conditioner moisturizes, detangles, and adds volume without creating buildup or weighing hair down. These products contain no sulfates or sodium chloride… This duo is safe to use on colored and keratin-treated hair. PH value of 4.5. is ideal for chemically processed hair.

D&F:   What you will personally recommend to your customer… “Help, My Hair is Thinning!”

Francy: The reasons for hair loss vary. It can be caused by childbirth or other stressful events. Heredity, thyroid levels. Since hair loss is less socially acceptable for women than it is for men, it can take a toll on a woman’s emotional well-being and level of confidence. Even for those with thinning hair, it’s better to get a haircut on a regular basis and strengthen your ends than to visit the salon only a few times each year. Regular cleanups will give you healthy hair and having clean, crisp ends give you the look of fuller hair.

D&F:  What in your opinion, is the best way to grow out a short pixie cut to shoulder length?

Francy: Minimize the odds of having a bad hair day in the first place. All it takes are a few products and a little forethought. “Use a moisturizing oil to add some shine, then comb your hair in the direction you want it to go and let it dry naturally without touching it. Short hair can look really good slicked back in a way that long hair just can’t. Take advantage of your length! Start by spiriting your hair with water, then grab the hair gel and comb it through. The style will stay put all day.

D&F:  If your customer has color-treated hair that is prone to breakage. Can you help to prevent both that and color fading at the same time?

Francy: With the exception of a few genetically blessed babes with virgin hair, gorgeous color doesn’t just happen. You love your new hair color, but how do you plan on keeping it? Francy suggests simply rinsing your hair with cool water and skip the super hot water. Space out your shampoo days. Conditioner is equally as important as shampoo in the hair-washing process. And many of the same rules apply for color-treated hair. Similarly, it matters not just what you apply, but how you apply it.

D&F:  What treatment you will recommend for “split-end’ solution.

Francy: Split-ends are a sure sign of damaged hair. It’s important to understand why the ends have split in the first place to prevent the damage from worsening and reoccurring.

It may seem like the only answer is to cut off split ends. Whilst a regular trim is advised to maintain healthy hair, and selective snipping is the ideal solution in extreme cases, you can use special treatments to minimize and mask damage.

D&F:   what are your hours and location?

Francy: Feel free to make your appointment.  Phone: (954) 565-2947

You can fund us in Fort Lauderdale at 3337 NE 32nd St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

It is my goal to ensure each client is thrilled with their new look and would love for you to come to sit in my chair!

 By Pamela Rolle



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