These Actors Disappeared from the Screen – Here’s What They Do Now


Believe it or not, one of these actors who fell out of the Hollywood wagon is Cameron Diaz. She had not appeared on the big screen in ages and it looks like she isn’t about to do so any time soon. What’s strange is that Cameron Diaz has always been an A-list actress yet now her career seems to be going in a different direction. The trick about working in Hollywood is that one wrong move can end your career for good. No producer wants to have their movie associated with an actor who has issues in personal life or participates in public scandals. That’s why actors have to be extra careful about the moves they make in both personal and professional spheres of their lives. As stressful as this is, many talented individuals manage to play their cards right and build a successful career. However, that’s not the case for the 80+ actors on the list we have for you today.
Cameron Diaz
We’ve already mentioned Cameron Diaz in the introduction but that is because it is too strange to see an A-list actor completely leave Hollywood behind. The way Cameron Diaz left the Hollywood scene was quiet and very sudden. Many people didn’t even notice that she was completely inactive in the movie scene, despite being one of the top-rated young actors out there. Some of her most successful appearances that we’ll remember her by including There’s Something About Mary, Charlie’s Angels, In Her Shoes, and The Holiday, one of the best romantic comedies out there. There is no doubt that Diaz had a very successful run in Hollywood. She even won four Golden Glove Awards yet she still decided to retire from acting after her appearance in Annie in 2014. This has made Diaz’s fans very sad, as they know that she will never act again. Even though we don’t know the real reasons why she decided to pull this move, it seems like Cameron simply got tired of acting and decided to settle down and live a peaceful life with her husband Benji Madden. Interestingly, her sister-in-law is actually married to Benji’s brother.
Tobey Maguire
Chances are you haven’t even noticed that Tobey Maguire is completely absent from Hollywood. That’s because he was active a long time ago. His last appearance in a movie was in the first Spiderman film back in 2012.
He was absent for so long that some of his fans and people in general thought he was dead. His most recent projects include a not so successful movie titled Pawn Sacrifice and the narrator role in the animated film called Boss Baby. After getting so much positive feedback and recognition for appearing in the Spiderman movie, Tobey shocked everyone with his sudden disappearance from the Hollywood scene.
Jack Nicholson
It’s truly a shame to add Jack Nicholson to this list. As an amazing actor, Jack was nominated for the Oscar award not once but multiple times. In fact, he holds the record of the highest number of Oscar nominations out of all-male actors in history. Unfortunately, he hasn’t made an appearance on a production set since 2010 when he starred in How Do You Know? While some spread the rumor that Nicholson retired from acting because he began experiencing memory loss due to his old age, he confirmed that this was not true. Still, we don’t blame him for wanting a break. After all his career lasted for six decades. Jack, who is now 80 years old, was supposed to star in an English remake of a German comedy titled Toni Erdmann. However, he dropped out of the project for unknown reasons. With over 400 million dollars he had made during his career, Nicholson can surely afford to retire.
Jennifer Love Hewitt
While Jennifer Love Hewitt has the kind of name that anyone would remember, not many people actually remember her acting career. Her most successful accomplishment was the role of Sarah Reeves Merrin on Party of Five, which aired from 1995 to 1999. She also appeared in the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise.
Even though she was one of the most popular stars of the 90s, Jennifer quickly lost her touch and disappeared from the Hollywood scene. Even though she tried to come back with a few minor roles in the 21st century, her last big-screen project was way back in 2012. It seems like she’s settled down for a peaceful family life with her husband and two children.
Eddie Murphy
We all know Eddie Murphy for his amazing performances in hit comedies. Murphy is not only an actor but also a comedian and a screenwriter. He was a cast member on SNL from 1980 to 1984, which was only the beginning of his successful career. Besides being one of the top 100 stand-up comedians of all time, Eddie took part in movies such as Nutty Professor and the Shrek series where he played the voice of Donkey.
Sadly, Murphy’s career has been on the decline after he missed his chance for an Academy Award back in 2007. Some of his latest movies turned out so bad that Murphy didn’t get a single role since 2016’s Mr. Church. This movie was such a disaster that it barely made 500 000 dollars. His 2018 role in the Beverly Hills Cop 4 might be his big comeback but even if his career doesn’t get any better he still has over 120 million dollars he has made thus far. We’re sure he won’t mind being unemployed for a while.
Nikki Blonsky
After her role as Tracy Turnblad in 2007’s movie adaptation of Hairspray, Nikki Blonsky looked like the next big thing in the movie industry. She got the chance to work with some of the finest A-list actors including John Travolta, Queen Latifah, and Zac Efron. However, her career took a very wrong turn after the movie.
In fact, Nikki now does something completely different than acting. She earned a cosmetology license in 2011 and started working as a part-time makeup artist and hairstylist. Sadly, after her short-lived gig on ABC Family’s Huge, Nikki didn’t get as many offers as she had expected. Some say that this was because Hollywood rejects overweight actors.
Martin Lawrence
Martin Lawrence was one of the most popular and most successful actors of the 90s. He was one of the leading actors in the industry back in the day and he even had his own TV show called Martin. Besides hosting his own show, he took part in significant projects such as Do the Right Thing and House Party. Unfortunately, he got into some legal trouble that pushed his career a few steps back.
Back in 1995, he had a violent breakdown on the set of A Thin Line Between Love and Hate which led to his hospitalization at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The next year he was arrested for pulling a gun out in the middle of an intersection on Ventura Boulevard, during which he screamed “they’re trying to kill me.” One year later he got in trouble again for punching a man in a club. He was also accused of sexual harassment so you can see why his career went downhill so quickly
Gary Dourdan
Gary Dourdan is a CSI legend. He appeared in the very first episode of the show as Warrick Brown and went on to play in 8 seasons of the crime hit. Dourdan’t life didn’t seem much different than his character, that had dealt during the show with gambling addiction, struggled to get along with his co-workers, and had some infamous relationships. From his own criminal activity to money troubles, Gary Dourdan’s life seems to have taken a turn for the worse since leaving the show.
Since 2008, he was arrested several times. First, for the possession of cocaine and ecstasy, later on for possessions of drug paraphernalia. In 2011, he was arrested for felony battery, after allegedly breaking his girlfriend’s nose. In 2012 he filed for bankruptcy, owing roughly $1.7 million to creditors.
Dourdan, who is now 53, went back to television after those incidents. He appeared regularly in the 2015 season of “Being Mary Jane” and the 2013 series “Mistresses, but haven’t done any big project since.
Sean Connery
Sean Connery is such a legendary actor that it’s such a shame that he didn’t have a long-lasting career. Things started so well for Sean after he won an Academy Award, followed by three Golden Globe awards. If you remember back in the day, Connery was actually the first actor to portray James Bond. He starred in a total of 7 James Bond movies.
Sean announced his retirement in 2003 after finishing his work in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Soon after, in 2006, he received the AFI’s Lifetime Achievement Award. During the award acceptance speech, Sean confirmed that he had retired for good, which killed all hope for his fans who were hoping to see him on the big screen again
Macaulay Culkin
We all know Macaulay Culkin for his iconic role of Kevin in Home Alone. At 12 years old, Culkin became the most successful child actor in history. He appeared in both Home Alone and Home Alone 2 Christmas movies, along with movies such as My Girl, The Nutcracker, and Richie Rich.
The way things were going at the time, it seemed like Culkin was promised a successful career. However, Culkin made some kind of an arrangement with his father after which he mostly chose to stay out of the spotlight. He appeared in a few movies here and there but nothing too big.
Renée Zellweger
Renee Zellweger was one of the most popular Hollywood actresses after her appearance in Bridget Jones’ Diary, as well as her role on Chicago. Surprisingly, Renee was not seen in any movies since 2010.
While it might seem too early to retire, Renee did already win numerous awards including an Academy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards. The good news is, Renee didn’t retire for good. She is actually set to portray Judy Garland in Judy, 2019.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Most of Zate-Jones’ first roles emphasized her sex appeal, including the appearance in The Mask of Zorro in 1998 and The Entrapment in 1999. Her other popular performances include Traffic and the musical Chicago. She later won an Academy Award that further improved her career. Sadly, things started going downhill for Catherin after her husband and fellow actor Michael Douglas was diagnosed with tongue cancer. This emotionally stressful period led to a struggle with her mental health and depression. She entered treatment in 2011 but things didn’t look too good for her.
In 2013, Catherine and Michael split up due to all the stress around them but they reconciled in 2014. During all this time Catherine was on a break from Hollywood until she decided to return and star in Rock of Ages. She then took a few years off again and came back in a TV show called Queen America.
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