Chloë Sevigny is a beloved, almost mythical, figure in the fashion industry, and it’s obvious that she loves fashion right back, often experimenting with prints, colors and cuts that might scare the sartorially timid away. This was clear on Monday evening, when she attended a premiere of her new film, “The Dead Don’t Die,” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. As she is wont to do, she wore an impeccable outfit that few other people could pull off with such unfettered coolness: a voluminous, black-and-white printed dress from the Fall 2019 Marc Jacobs collection.

The gown was short in the front, with a long, exaggerated train in the back. It had oversized, poofy sleeves, pleating and pockets, as well as a giant tuft of black feathers and a huge black bow on the bodice. But Sevigny, who has been a friend, muse and supporter of Marc Jacobs throughout much of his career, pulled it off with stunning ease, appearing more comfortable in the elaborate garment than most of us would likely feel in a pair of sweats.

By pairing the dramatic gown with a red-orange lip, slightly wavy hair so unfussy it may well have been air-dried and simple black ankle strap shoes, Sevigny kept what could easily have been an over-the-top, costumey look much more grounded. It certainly didn’t hurt that she is also the master of aloof red carpet posing; she made use of the gown’s pockets by casually resting her hands in them as she stared down cameras. As cool as it gets.





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