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Sanne Vloet is a Dutch model who has walked for Oscar de la Renta, Rodarte, Tom Ford, Victoria’s Secret and Ralph Lauren. She is also an avid YouTuber who vlogs about beauty, fitness, and her international adventures, giving her 693,000 subscribers an intimate glimpse into the fast-paced modeling world. In this episode of Food Diaries, the amateur chef and foodie walks us through her favorite spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner around Manhattan.

Vloet recently moved to Brooklyn, but she still finds her way to the city to eat at her old stomping grounds. The model starts her day with an outdoor breakfast at 12 Chairs Cafe in the West Village for a healthy Israeli meal. She orders shakshuka, a dish containing baked eggs in a spicy Moroccan tomato sauce, with Feta cheese and an Israeli salad on the side. Vloet also orders two classic Mediterranean food staples: hummus and pita bread. “It does look like a lot of food, but it’s all very light,” she says. “The eggs, the salad, the hummus—it makes you full, but it doesn’t feel heavy.”

Before she heads to a few meetings, Vloet fuels her body with a cup of hot matcha with hemp milk from Cha Cha Matcha. “Matcha has kinda replaced my morning coffee,” Vloet says. “When I have this in the morning, I just really like to really sit down and just take a moment. Another reason why I don’t take this to-go and why I don’t rush it is I don’t have to put a plastic cap on it. So, it saves a little plastic.”

After her Pilates workout, Vloet meets up with her friend and model Regitze Christensen at Australian cafe Two Hands in Nolita for lunch. “I feel Australians do brunch and lunch the best,” Vloet says with a smile.

She orders a Brassicas bowl filled with charred broccolini, brussels sprouts, kale, hummus, avocado, pickled shallots, seeds, and sweet potato. She says that a healthy salad bowl is her go-to lunch order, especially after a workout. “I kinda want to have something healthy but to make me full,” she adds.

Vloet also tastes a spoonful of Christensen’s acai bowl for good measure, and her eyes light up in delight. She adds that if she ever eats something “unhealthy” at a restaurant, she challenges herself to create a healthier version of the meal at home.

As the sun sets, Vloet heads down to DOMODOMO near Greenwich Village for a date night with her boyfriend Max Ando-Hirsh. It’s not only Vloet’s favorite Japanese restaurant in the city, but it’s also where she and Ando-Hirsh went on their second date more than a year ago.

They start off with a mix of sushi including tuna nigiri before moving on to their entrees. Vloet always orders the miso cod, and admits she can’t quite nail the recipe at home. The couple also tries the spicy tuna cones which feature spicy mayo, truffle oil, chive, and granola.

“If I have a photo shoot, or anything where I need to be in shape during the week, I can still come here because I know the quality is really good,” she explains. While Vloet doesn’t always order dessert when she dines out, she’s down to splurge on the matcha ice cream at DOMODOMO.




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