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Here at Curbed, we’ve often proselytized about the need for better RV design. Cliched exterior graphics consist of boring swoops, interior design isn’t much better, and overall the U.S. lacks the kind of forward-thinking design so common in Europe.

Still, there are a few smaller companies stateside upping the ante on innovation. In 2017 we first reported on a new 215-square-foot trailer from Santa Barbara-based Living Vehicle. The project is the brainchild of Hofmann Architecture, a firm that specializes in custom Airstreams. Using their expertise in mobile living, Hofmann Architecture designed an off-the-grid camper trailer that incorporates sleek, modern design with practical amenities.

Today, the evolved 27-foot Living Vehicle looks even more impressive in updated photos (see below). You can see the influence of the Airstream style, as the trailer is built with a rigid aluminum frame and finished with a reflective aluminum exterior. But instead of cheeky Bahama-styled interiors and the classic burrito shape, Living Vehicle is packed with big windows and chic design.

The trailer boasts room to sleep up to six (four comes standard) in a queen-sized bedroom, convertible dining room sofa, and a Euroloft bed that automatically lowers from the ceiling at the touch of a button. The living room looks more like a sleek tiny home than it does a camper; a giant 32-inch LED TV contrasts with a light-wooden wall, while a fully stocked kitchen includes a stainless steel sink, an absolutely huge refrigerator, and a gas stovetop.

Sliding barn-style doors save space and the kitchen even comes with an island. Most RVs lack fridge or dry good space, but the Living Vehicle’s floor-to-ceiling pantry proves that you could pack enough food to stay for weeks.

Sunlights and expansive windows throughout the space—even in the bathroom and bedroom—make the interior feel much larger than normal, and a sliding eight-foot door opens to an outdoor deck to create an indoor-outdoor feel.

Beyond the airy design, Hofmann Architecture is also making sure the Living Vehicle isn’t all just show. Double-paned windows, insulation, and a utility basement allow the mobile home can function in any climate. The company offers a 1400 watt rooftop solar system that trickle charges a 600 a/h AGM Battery Bank. A robust 3000W Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter powers most 110V appliances wherever you are. There’s also a 100-gallon freshwater tank, a 62-gallon gray water tank, and a 45-gallon blackwater tank.





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