ROGER WATERS takes the subway: Multi-millionaire rock icon, 75, shuns luxury travel

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He rose to fame as the rock and roll bassist in Pink Floyd, amassing a net worth of an estimated $310million.

And despite his superstar status, Roger Waters took New York’s subway on Saturday as he travelled through downtown Manhattan.

Cutting an unassuming figure as he sat down next to rush hour commuters, the singer, 75, appeared in high spirits as he petted a friendly dog.

 Roger cut a casual figure in a moss green bomber jacket, trainers and black chinos and went virtually unnoticed by passers-by as he sat in the carriage.

After riding the subway, the rocker headed outside and donned a pair of black aviators.

Roger parted ways with Pink Floyd in 1985 and the original lineup of Roger, Richard, David Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason reunited for the first time in 24 years for the Live 8 concert in London in 2008, just two years before Richard’s death.

Appearing in front of a packed house at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre last year, Roger hinted that his Australia tour may be his last.

‘I was looking at the schedule and thinking this may be the last time I ever come through Australia,’  he told the crowd, according to

He continued: ‘I won’t get the chance, probably to talk to people in Brisbane again for the rest of my life. One has to remember there is a finality to all of this.’

Last year, Roger reflected on the acrimonious relationship between himself and keyboard player Richard Wright.

Appearing on The Project, Roger was quickly drawn by host and fan Waleed Aly to discuss the bad blood that developed between the pair – 10 years after Richard died from cancer.

With Pink Floyd’s in-fighting well known in the annals of rock and roll, Roger and guitarist David Gilmour famously fired Richard during the recording of their seminal album The Wall in 1979.





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