“BY WOMAN FOR WOMEN” IVANA RUZZO Designs And Her Timeless Women In The “NO MODELS CALL” Project.

Women often asked me a question: “ – I love it..

but where will I wear this” ? And I always answered – ”the jewelry is food for thoughts”.  I always said to my customers – “Buy gown and jewelry – and the reason will come!” My life is not a routine – every day is an amazing day. I wake up to enjoy it, to create new pieces, to make a little discovery and little victory every day. I can’t spend a day without dreaming and feeding my thoughts. Personally, I have a necklace that a good friend gave me, and when I wear it, I love to peek at my reflection or feel the stone of Jade against my skin, reminding me of the warm intentions behind it. Wearing certain rings on my fingers makes me feel empowered, as I once decided that wearing them would do so.

What about you?
I always design jewelry to provide my customers a freedom of choice to be special every day, because it makes them happy. I know, somehow, it’s provides them comfort, or protection. Women choose my jewelry of Natural Stones and Crystals to allow their own creativity and individualism to shine through and speak to others. “Our bodies can change our minds, and our minds can change our behavior, and our behavior can change our outcomes.”  But how about the jewelry we decide to adorn ourselves with? How can the pieces we wear change the way we see ourselves, the way we feel?
Why do we wear the jewelry? I see many women wear their engagement and wedding rings on chains around their neck, as a necklace – it’s a no-no. Why do we decorate ourselves? – because the jewelry is a ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ – a pyramid with a base of physiological factors followed by safety, love, belonging, esteem, and self-actualisation at its very tip. It fits all into our higher needs. For example, for ‘love and belonging’, jewelry may have been used to attract mates by way of showing wealth, or through wooing, by giving gifts (Valentine’s day, we see you). It may also have been used – as it still is – to show affiliation with a certain group.
The ‘esteem’ category might reflect the fact that in the past, the richer you were, the more decorated you were, like the paintings of many monarchs show. But how about ‘self-actualization’? Clearly, jewelry is still a form of self-expression. Whether it be a delicate chain or a choker, the things we choose to wear send a little message to those passing us by, and perhaps to ourselves too.
The fact is that jewelry has always been an important part of human cultures, serving several purposes that are deeply significant to each of us. Accessories such as jewelry are often the “cherry on top” to an overall outfit or look. A successful outfit isn’t truly complete without the right accessories – jewelry. Dressing with purpose and wearing jewelry which echoes that, can make us feel the type of confidence that comes from feeling truly yourself.
Each of my customers owning pieces of my jewelry, feel it help them understand and actualize their best selves.  
All of them hold a “story” – enigma for many. They are so different and very special in many ways. They are married, they are singles, they are dating, struggle, successful, in love, “just starters”, established, dreamers, happy housewife’s, independent, go getters … but each of them are an amazing and timeless woman.
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  Lauren Scarberry Blount  wearing the “Tropical Breath” Blouse and the “Sky & Earth” Turquoise Set from “Art To Wear” Collection by Ivana Ruzzo.
One day I was looking out the window of my Design Studio and I see Lauren… a city of Fort Lauderdale Parking Enforcement Officer.  She worked  from 9 pm -5 am writing tickets, booting cars and getting yelled at by everyone she encountered.
She went to School during the day to pursue her DREAM of become a NURSE. She spent her free time to  studying for Nursing exams… Shi is now a licensed practical NURSE working for dermatologist and doing what  she loves best – HELPING PEOPLE.
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Kaye Rabel  wearing the “LOVE” dress and the “Vibe” earrings  from “Art To Wear” Collection 2018
My name is Kaye Rabel and I consider myself to be a professional problem solver. I’ve worked as an Instructional Systems Designer for the past 8 years where I design and develop performance support systems include training programs, policy and procedure manuals/process flows, as well as applications to help organizations optimize human performance. I enjoy my career and have even pursued a PhD in my field which I will complete this year. But my true passion ever since I was a tiny little girl has been everything fitness.
I began this passion by watching and working out to fitness shows when I was probably around 6 or 7 years old. Some of my favorite shows were Gilad’s Bodies in Motion and Denise Austin. I then started running in elementary school. I ran track and cross-country throughout my school career and ran competitively in college. In addition to running, I’ve always loved to do resistance training. I enjoy challenges and transformations and I view each workout as mini challenge where I feel strong and self accomplished after each workout. Someone once ask me what I do to relax and got annoyed with me when I said spinning. And that is truth, spinning does help me to relax. It is movement but a form a meditation for me –a quiet place where I find clarity.
My dedication to fitness has not only helped me to be healthy but has helped be to be disciplined and focused when it comes to achieving goes. This discipline and focus helped me when I served in the military and continues to be a driving force to help me achieve the goals I set for myself each day. I believe with God’s grace, my passion for fitness also helped me to defy the odds and stay on a straight and narrow path and overcome the obstacles that I faced growing up without a father. My mother worked very hard to take care of 5 kids but she could not always be around because of work and fitness and sports gave me an outlet and support system. Working out and training also helped me to stay grounded during my divorce and provided a healthy outlet. Fitness and training has been a saving grace for me throughout my life and I’m excited to help anyone connect to fitness and learn more about it.
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Diana Chibas  wearing the “Passion Bird” dress and necklace set  from “Art To Wear” Collection 2018.
 — ” I was so thrilled to do participate in the “NO MODELS” project and fell in love with the collection I chose for her “Passion Bird” and Jewelry from “Art To Wear” …”
Professional Makeup Artist Diana Chibas has been working in the fashion and beauty industry for years. Her passion is to help women create a more confident version of themselves. Her Fort Lauderdale studio has a variety of beauty treats to help you feel pampered and beautiful.
(about Makeup Artist Diana Chibas read in this edition of  D&F Magazine )
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Nerissa Street wearing linen “Bob Marley” dress and the “Enchant Sun” jewelry set from “Art To Wear” Collection 2019.
Nerissa Street never saw herself as a teacher.
— “I like to understand my world,” she says. “But I also like to share what I know in a way that helps others.”
That passion shaped her life in the corporate world, and even led her to earn an adult education license and training in professional development. She’s a professional grant writer and experience planner. When the economy shifted, she found herself searching for a new job, and a new purpose.
Teaching in the classroom wasn’t something she went into lightly.
“If you make mistakes in an adult training room, the professionals can sort it out,” she mused. “I would not experiment with children.”
That sense of responsibility weighed on her heavily in her first year, and she was sick regularly that year. But something in her heart made her stay in the classroom, despite having many job offers in marketing and in nonprofit leadership.
Her determination paid off. Nerissa’s classroom has won several awards (she was the 2017 Arts Teacher of the Year for Theater in her county), she runs a teen girls’ filmmaking camp, and she now trains corporate leaders and high-profile artists in becoming subject matter experts.  Her careers blend seamlessly into each other.
“Every entrepreneur should make their way into an elementary classroom for at least one hour, because those students are your future clients,” she says. “I am a sharper business woman because of wisdom my students gave me.” Street says her students are more fashion forward than she is, and that encourages her to take more risks with her attire. “They definitely don’t see me as a model, but that’s okay.”
We think that they do see her as a ROLE model, and we think that’s okay.  Find her at
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Deborah Smith-Rojas  wearing silk  “African Lily ” dress and Jewelry Set from “Art To Wear” Collection 2018.
Deborah Smith-Rojas Deputy manager at Tank Oil Shipping S.A. and former professional dancer/dance teacher.
Deborah :  … “It was my pleasure to feel the exhilaration of being a top model for the day and have a fun great photo shoot with the professionals… as you float about gleefully feeling feminine and fabulous in her extremely comfortable “Art To Wear” Collection designer dresses and jewelry! (which are at affordable prices) and perfect for any holiday destination & beyond!
 I was thoroughly enjoying wearing Ivana Ruzzo’s lovely floaty, feminine & really comfortable designs that matched beautifully with her classy but fun and artsy jewelry which are perfect for Floridian holidays & beyond!! Thank you for making “ex-dancer” to feel like I was ready to dance onstage again! A truly wonderful experience!”…
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Alefiya Ghadiali, wearing “Black Swan” dress and timeless pearls from “Art To Wear” Collection 2018.
Alefiya Ghadiali is the business owner of Precision Light and Laser and a mother of four. She volunteers her time for the community through Women in Distress and is on the Executive Board for AIA (Assocoation of Indians in America-South Florida Chapter). She dances with a Bollywood fusion troupe, Soul Salaam. Alefiya is an avid runner, enjoys Snowboarding/skiing, traveling and is a thrill seeker.
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Meet Justine Avila, the owner and lead designer at A Jolie Design, Inc.  A full service yacht and residential interior design studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! After receiving her second degree in design Justine started her career in the yachting industry. Avila feels her abilities benefited from the limitation of space that is unique to yacht design and was the catalyst to her creativity. Avila said, “I get so inspired walking into every interior design project, I like to think of every job as a new canvas of which my team and I are the artist”
After having her first daughter, she channeled that love for small spaces into creating nursery rooms, children’s bedrooms, playrooms and has recently expanded to custom kids furniture! As her family grew so did her career she now enjoys every aspect of home and yacht design. Justine loves the art of living in South Florida and creating unique spaces on land and in the sea, while perfecting the art of being a full time mom and businesswomen Avila still finds the time to partner with local organizations and small businesses a like.  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest @AJOLIEDESIGN
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Susie Foreman  wearing  silk  “Day & Night” dress and Crochet Jewelry Set from “Art To Wear” Collection 2018.
There is a big difference between an artist preparing for an exhibition of their work vs. trying to be included in a hotel, hospital or other commercial projects with a designer at the helm…” – She is two in one.
Susie an Interior Designer and an Artist who has a passion for creating objects into pieces of art. No matter what, it’s all about the work.
– ” …For the last two years, I have been the project manager and designer overseeing the renovations of six small historical cottages. Design has been a lifetime of love and passion, it is a part of my soul and what makes me happy…Art is a very personal decision,” says Susie , “but I always keep a supply of business cards in case the style matches up with the client…”
– “Thank you, Ivana Ruzzo for being an inspiration and a reminder for me to take time, be a woman and do what we women love to do, play dress up!”
Thank you to:  Lauren Scarberry Blount, Justine Avila , Kaye Rabel, Diana Chibas, Nerissa Street, Susie Foreman, Alefiya Ghadiali,  Deborah Smith Rojas for being so open, brave and creative to share your personal story in this 2018-19 D&F Magazine edition and  become an amazing models in the “NO MODELS CALL” project.  All of you inspired me as an artist and designer to create this dresses and jewelry for “Art To Wear” Collection 2018/19.
IVANA RUZZO Design Studio
3250 NE 32nd St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
(954) 328-0266
Photography by @goldshinephotography


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