AMBER – The Power Of The Enchanting Nature

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The oldest piece of Amber was discovered approximately 320 million years ago, so you can just imagine what powerful energies that this stone holds! Amber was one of the first substances used by man for decoration. It was also used early on for amulets and medical reasons, these stones marked the resting place of the spirits that were thought to live in the stones, so it is probable that the amber fragments were used as talismans or amulets. The Romans called amber “succinum”, as it was rightly believed to be from tree sap. The stones were used as amulets and talismans before, during, and since the ancient Greeks. For Nicias, amber was “the juice or essence of the brilliant rays of the setting sun, congealed in the sea and then cast up upon the shore.”

Amber is known for producing an electrical charge when rubbed. In fact, the Greek name for amber is an electron, which the word electricity is derived from. Sacred to the sun god Apollo, amber was once thought to be congealed sunlight. The earliest reference to the ornamental use of amber in literature appears in Homer’s Odyssey: “..Eurymachus received a golden necklace, richly wrought,and set with amber beads, that glowed as ifwith sunshine. To Eurydamas there camea pair of earrings, each a triple gem, daintily fashioned and of exquisite grace. Two servants bore them…”

Amber is actually not a stone, but rather amorphous, fossilized tree sap.  Amber comes from the fossilized resin that lived tens of millions of years ago in trees. In fact, decorated pieces of amber have been found in remains from the Stone Age. Amber may contain insects, (occasionally frogs and lizards too) moss, or pine needles that have been trapped for millions of years in the resin, since the resin was sticky.

An excerpt from The Great Book of Amber by Elzbieta Mierzwinska – “…Thousands of years ago people were fascinated by the extraordinary, inexplicable properties of the golden pebbles found on beaches and in coastal forests. The stone burnt when casting into the fire, exuding a pleasant resinous smell and aromatic smoke, and, when rubbed, attracted various small light items towards itself as if by magic. The stone interior would often hide small undamaged plants and insects, which must also have found their way inside by magic. That sufficed to arouse the curiosity of primitive man, with admiration & respect for this unusual gem. It is no wonder man started attributing magical powers to amber…”

 American designer Ivana Ruzzo – “…I collect Amber for its natural beauty & connection to the living world.  In my believe the Amber has always been associated with magic…  It is my favorite protective and enhancing stone, it is a sensual, (amber is warm to the touch) magnetic stone that attracts Luck and Money. When I touching amber is soothing to the nerves… from my personal experience Amber clearing depression, but It is also a powerful protector against negative magic, black sorcery, and bad luck. I believe bright yellow type is good “all-healers”, since they represent the energy of the Sun. I own the Amber Fossil Inclusion Insect Specimen, purchased in Gdansk, Poland, in the mid-nineties and hope to turn it into a piece of jewelry someday. I think Amber is a remarkable time capsule that naturally forms. It preserves creatures at an evolutionary point that would otherwise be unknown to modern eyes.  It resides in my private collection. It is simply amazing to hold in the palm of your hand & reflect upon the world before human came into existence…”

Since prehistoric times, amber has been used for religious objects. It was believed to have talismanic properties, and many ancient people buried amber objects and amulets with their dead to protect them in the afterlife. Amber has medicinal uses attributed to it but is used nowadays primarily in jewelry. One of the few substances to be beneficial to almost every aspect of magic. An incredibly strong protector it has been used for over 7,000 years to stimulate the metabolism, treat skin ailments caused by metabolic imbalances, treat asthma and most allergic respiratory issues. Generally, wearing a necklace crafted of Amber as believed the most effective assistance with these ailments.  It acted in a way to purify one’s body and spirit when it is used as an elixir, carried, or worn. Amber radiates with the throat, alleviating stress and treating throat issues.  Psychologically, Amber not only brings stimulation to the intellect, and bringing a positive emotional state and creative expression, it also motivates by linking what one may wish for together with the drive and encouragement to accomplish it.

Soothing the nerves as well as the spirit, and imparting the sense of protection, Amber is a powerful stone form manifestation. Placed on the altar or other magical workspaces it will bring strength to all magical spell-working and bring prosperity to every magical act.   In ancient times Amber was burned as an incense to fumigate and clear the environment of negativity.

Amber rates a 2.5 on the hardness scale but is reasonably tenacious and workable- its softness makes it relatively easy to carve.  The stone can be cleaned using warm water and a soft cloth. A commonly encountered kind of amber is called “reconstructed amber,” where small pieces of amber are compressed under heat to form a larger piece. Amber softens and starts to decompose at 150 degrees Fahrenheit and gives off a scent like the resin of pine trees. You can use the cloth to rub olive oil on it to restore the polish. Never use ultrasonic or steam cleaners to clean amber, as it will shatter. Also, never leave amber in direct sunlight or any place where it might be exposed to sudden temperature changes or chemicals, as its finish will dull. The biggest deposits of amber are in the Baltic region, particularly along the coast of Poland. Amber is also found in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, France, Spain, Canada, Romania, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Burma, and Italy.


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