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CHARLIZE THERON Reveals Her Single Mom Beauty Tricks

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When it comes to makeup, I’m more of a brow-and-lash girl.”

Aha moment: “I didn’t even know about eyelash curlers until 15 years ago. Now I never leave the house without one. Just curling your lashes is like a face-lift!”

Lash curler: Shu Uemura.

Favorite mascara: Dior show. “It builds lashes without clumping, and it holds the curl.”

Beauty icon: Her mom. “I have vivid memories of her getting ready at her ’70s vanity with a round mirror. She ran a road-construction business, and she would have meetings with 20 men. Watching her do her makeup, I thought, ‘Wow, this is incredible.’ Her confidence left an impression on me.”

Feel-good ritual: “I apply fragrance every morning before I leave home. It’s a slice of luxury. I might be wearing sweatpants and sneakers, but it’s a little treat that makes me feel special.”


“Now that my kids go to sleep at a certain time every night, I make a real point to take care of my face. It’s not some-thing I did in my 20s and 30s.”

Morning routine: “We wake up really early in my house—5:45 a.m. I’m a single mom trying to get two kids ready, pack the lunchboxes, and not miss the bus. When I wake up I just rinse my face and put on sunscreen.”

Nighttime regimen: I use serum, eye cream, and a really good moisturizer.”

Daily SPF: La Prairie Cellular Radiance Emulsion SPF 30.

For super-sunny days: La Roche-Posay. “It doesn’t leave a film or look white. And it works! I don’t get burned or any pigmentation.”

Forever face cream: “I like to try new products, but there are ones I always go back to, like Crème de la Mer, you know, the classics.”

Facialist: Mila Moursi in Los Angeles. “Every three weeks, I’ll get a facial. They have all the great machines there.”

Natural escape: Beverly Hot Springs Spa in L.A. “I’m almost religious about it. I love sitting in the hot water because I know that it’s from the earth.”


“I get most of my beauty information from other women. Women need to share with each other more—we’d all be more beautiful!”

Hair secret: Castor oil. “Some-one told me about it. I put it on my brows and scalp once or twice a week. It’s definitely made my hair thicker.”

Colorist: Tracey Cunningham. “When I color my hair, it gives it bounce.”

Hair-stylist: “Enzo Angileri. I’ve worked with him for 20 years now.”


“I’m lucky I’ve never been a couch potato.”

Exercise ethos: “I’m always calculating my activity. If I haven’t been moving a lot, I can’t eat a lot. Or maybe it’s a cheat day. But I’m honest with myself.”

Daily diet: “Plant-based raw foods.”

Current obsession: “I’ve fallen in love with Pilates. It’s totally changed my body.”

Physical education: “When I leave to go exercise, my kids will say, ‘Where are you going?’ I tell them that I’m going someplace to make sure my heart works for a very, very long time!”


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