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Welcome to the D&F Magazine 2018-19 Issue

As I write, my inbox is brimming with every-one’s memories of making the October-March 2018-19 edition a reality. The midnight recast-ing of a fashion shoot just to get it exactly right, the relentless hours spent perfecting layouts, the hundreds of moldboards, the thousands of new-season pieces streaming in and out of the glass-fronted fashion/design cupboard in our open-plan office has all contributed to the challenge.
We’ve made a bolder, braver magazine to cel-ebrate our customers and give these import-ant, varied new voices a place to talk about who they are and what they stand for.
And what better way to kick off a year of firsts than with our cover story? It’s the first interview Ioana Mihalache, Miss Universe Romania has given since her marriage and new career in the USA. This page 42
It all came about when I had dinner with designer Lucia Craciun, talking about her collection “Dare to Wear”.  In addition to our Cover Girl Ioana Mihalache, I’ve respected the work of famed photographer Ryan Fallon. His photo portfolio is on our cover and page 20
We met Celebrity makeup artist Diana Chibas, the Cuban-American beauty, who is the owner of Superstar Beauty, page 18 This month, we also have an interview with Anil Kumar and Chandrika Srinivas the owners of the first modern Indian restau-rant in Fort Lauderdale. If you’re wondering what delicious treats might be on the menu, this restaurant deserves your attention. Give it a try ! Page 10
We visited “Hair by Francy”. And we are proud to stop in to celebrate her over 21 years in the beauty business. She is a unique queen of hairstyling. Page 2
I have noticed two things happen when you live through an era of rapid change, as we are now. Firstly, there is an inevitable surge of artistic creativity and second the misfits, the contrarians, the underdogs and the anti-heroes come into their own. We witness the rise of the rebel: those who don’t play by the normal rules, who flourish in chaotic, unpredictable times and welcome uncertainty without fear. This new-look 2018-19 issue of D&F Magazine is dedicated to those people, the curious revolutionaries who think differently.
In this issue we celebrate the designers Alberta Ferretti: page 4,, Jason Wu: page 74, Ivana Ruzzo: page 88, Tamara Mellon who was a co-founder of Jimmy Choo. Page 48
As we commemorate the anniversary of Coco Chanel’s death, I’ve been thinking of how proud she would have been of the way the next generation has carried on her legacy. I have such fond feelings for Chanel. Her talent was equaled only by her lust for life! Page 28
For some, there’s something enticing about the idea of having a psychic predict the future. Just for you, we had an interview with the psychic Bea Kobran – Holistic Therapist/Psychic Reader. The results of the encounters ranged from bizarre, to uncanny. Read her story page 50
You will definitely enjoy reading an exciting story about Dr. Christopher Low and Dr. Michael Cheung, two physicians board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and their CRS Plastic Surgery center located in Fort Lauderdale. Page 46
It was a pleasure to meet Julia Sylvester – Licensed Aesthetician, to tell you her story about her journey to achieve the Certified Lash Artist by Award-Winning Industry leader – NovaLash and certified by the Official PHIBROWS Academy for Microblading semi-permanent tattoo. Page 70
We are proud to support and represent a small business, a US Navy Veteran and a beginner in our magazine – Clifford L Drummond – creator, father, and former United States Navy veteran with his company PLC Joint.  Page 82
New App – Artekal Music as a reggae music platform, which was built with love by their creators in South Florida. Page 66 Dr.Igor Pasisnitchenko G-Dental, will offer a full array of treatments to help you to keep a beautiful healthy smile. Page 54
We support our South Florida beloved artist’s Florencia Clement de Grandprey, Art Stone, and another first is our profile of artist Salvatore Zagami. His series of artworks concern themselves with observations of ourselves and society: relation-ships, struggles, contentment, joy, hope. And It’s the first ever intimate glimpse into the Artist and World relationship. Page  24
I am incredibly proud of what the D&F Magazine team has created and curated on the pages that follow, and this issue is one of the highlights of our careers. With the endless emails, transatlantic phone calls and transcribing, cover interviews throughout the night, are all just a step in the process.
What else? – a fashion show. Life is full of firsts…and so is D&F Magazine.  So now it’s up to you. What do you think of our new look, both in print and online? What do you like and what is missing?
Let us know on the @DesignFashionMagazine on Face Book and we’ll see what improvements we can deliver in our forth-coming issues.
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