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I had a vision – to create the greatest, most stylish, innovative, authentic, conscious, inspiring entrepreneurial magazine/media movement. No small feat but one made easier by an extraordinary team bringing together a collective of like-minded, passionate game changers, thought leaders, style-makers and rebels from all over the world to deliver inspiration and leadership and force you to keep asking the questions. In a world full of imitation and replication, we wanted to do something different. Something extraordinary, something that would stand out, be authentic and we could take beyond the pages of a print magazine.

While waiting for Milan Fashion Week Fall 2019 Sep 17 to begin, I looked around the room at the fashion editors, bloggers, and front-row starlets and began to feel so excited! (page 56)

With heavy-hitters like Versace, Prada, Fendi, and Gucci, Milan doesn’t play when it comes to fashion. Unless they’re playing “The Price Is Right”, which is what happened at Moschino’s game-show-slash-runway extravaganza. During Milan Fashion Week, supermodels are groomed and future “it-bags” make their debut.

My seatmate leaned over to me and remarked, “You really can wear anything.” “Yes,” I agreed, “as long as you have style.”

Two of the women featured in this issue have definite takes on personal style. Iris van Herpen “Philosophy” (page 22), and Deborah Lippmann (page 40)

We also highlight clashing prints in our fashion spread “War Between Pearls and Roses” (page 42-54), to illustrate just how diverse your fashion choices are this season. There are 3-D flowers, something for every taste, for sure.

This year we made a decision to expand our geographic specter beyond South Florida by adding the Commonwealth of Bahamas Islands – the nearest business/vacation destination for our South Florida readers. In the upcoming 2020 year we plan to expand our publishing by creating a franchise edition “D&F Magazine Bahamas Edition”, launching today, is our first step towards building a publication that operates differently. Our team of reporters and editors have learned from the best in the business, and we want to write better articles that break new ground. Through the sections, you’ll find stories on global trends, co-working spaces, philanthropists, start-ups, multi-million dollar businesses, designers, artists, top doctors, believers, outsourcing, succession planning, bloggers, renegade models and much, much more!

We wanted the stories behind the story to inspire you but also to provide the how-to’s and resources so that your own vision, goals, and dreams would become attainable in your own unique way.

D&F Magazine


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Greetings from Design & Fashion Magazine!

D&F Magazine is a luxury magazine, offering a local focus with a global outlook. We would like to provide you an offer for advertising in the future editions of our magazine. As we grow our distribution base, we are offering great options for full-page color promotions, which will give you a unique introduction to the local market. Our audience is South Florida and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Professionally designed with eye-catching graphics, and engaging readable content, your advertisement can open more potential for increased sales and widened interest in the products and services which you offer to the public consumer. Design & Fashion Magazine /D&F/ provides high-quality content and beautiful design which results in the magazine not only being read but also shared, displayed, and read again and again. D&F also offers to place advertisements on our website, reasonable rates, advertising in our hard copy issues. We truly care about our customers and readers.


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