” Royalty Deserves A Crown”



PLC Joint is a company that is an evident symbol for the father-daughter love. It shows what the love and hard work of a father and a daughter can do coming up with original designs and bonding in the process.
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This is why the pieces manage to transcend into something mesmerizing and divine endeavoring to help the kings and queens in all of us rise to their royal grandeur. There is an myriad of styles and looks, which have been handmade by PLC Joint. Starting from the Victorian style crowns to the modern versions that come hand-in-hand with the exquisite wireless headphones and again, creating ethereal pieces, which would be fascinating still, without the added functional quality of the headphones.
Nevertheless, the legacy of PLC Joint does not stop here. It goes further to the peak of expressing your the love for fashion and something beautiful that will last for years. Thanks to this symbol of love, there is something to satisfy the kings and queens in all of us.
Offering a number of crown styles, which can, of course, be customized to offer each individual to express chance to express himself or herself in just the right way.
“Royalty deserves crown”
I personally would like to thank the two Queens that gracious enough help PLC Joint with it’s vision.
  models Credit:
 IG Selena.Mercedes
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Tia    IG:  melan8ed_goddess
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