Ioana Mihalache, Miss Universe Romania

(COVER GIRL for D&F Magazine  2018/29)
An intriguing Woman with an interesting story.
Ioana was born next to the beautiful Black Sea in Constanta Romania and was raised by a single Mother who was a teacher. Standing 6’ tall, she was too tall and lanky to fit in at school. Kids can be cruel and she was nicknamed Giraffe. Ioana burned off her frustration in the gym and worked with her mother delivering cloths and supplies to the children at the local orphanage. She was a loner and felt alone but was fulfilled and at peace.
In time through hard work in the gym, slowly her tall lankly physique began to take shape. It didn’t take long until someone from the modelling industry found her and offered her an amazing opportunity to work as a model. Ioana quickly became the most popular kid in school and was re-nicknamed Gazelle.
At the beginning, she worked only during the summer or when she had holidays from school and only in her city because her mom didn’t allow her to travel anywhere outside the city. For her Mom, who is a teacher, education and safety is the most important thing and she wanted her daughter to be safe and become well educated so that she would be able to make the right decisions in her life.
Later, she mobilized and modelled in many countries around the world, Italy, France, Spain, UK, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, UAE, China, Philippines, Oman, Lebanon and many more. She discovered many cultures and found out how different we all are. Being exposed to these different cultures and seeing the economic differences, caused her to want to understand and learn more. In 2015, Ioana graduated and received a Master’s Degree in Economics.
Along the way and through this journey, Ioana has been fortunate and has been afforded the honour to participate in the worlds largest beauty pageants. Because of her personal values and willingness to help others, she has done well. She is one of the most accomplished beauty pageant tittle holders in Romania. Her success includes:
Miss Earth Romania 2013/2014
Miss Grand Romania 2016/2017
Miss Universe Romania 2017/2018 (current tittle holder)
Ioana has been and is possessed by a deep passion. She said “ This is the most important thing that she could do in this world and she WILL make a difference, and that is by bringing food to the starving children. I know how it feels to go hungry, because being a model, I was most of the time, starving for food and struggling with different kinds of feelings, dizziness and loss of concentration: the children are our future, this is what we leave behind us, we need to take care of them and make sure they grow up healthy and strong’’ she declared for our magazine.
Ioana is only 27 years old but has lived a long life in her short time on this planet. It has been filled with accomplishments and saddled with the intrinsic rewards from helping others.
She was married in December 2017 to the man of her dreams and has permanently relocated to Delray Beach in Florida and she absolutely loves Southern Florida. 
We thank her for this beautiful interview and we like her, as a person and as a human being. Follow her activities on her social media.



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