From the latest interview with the Holistic Therapist and Psychic Reader Bea Kobran for Design & Fashion Magazine 2018/19 new edition.

D&F magazine:
Were you born with a psychic gift?
Bea Kobran:
All humans are born with the same gifts. Some believe in them while others are skeptic.  I knew since an early age that I was a multidimensional being. I saw the truth in different realities – Material reality, Virtual reality, Quantum reality etc. I believe we all have equal possibilities of developing our psychic powers and embracing the different dimensions of existence.
D&F – Did any of your ancestors possess similar psychic gifts?
B.K. – Not that I am aware of.
D&F – At what age did you first realize you had psychic abilities?
B.K.  – Around the age of eight.
D&F –  How did this ability manifest?
I have always been drawn to the non-verbal because of my strong connection to the energies vibrating around us. Even in elementary school, I was able to see events that were still in the future. This was enough for me to be bullied by other pupils and even be punished by superiors. No one understood my words.
D&F – Did the intensity of your gift grow over time?
B.K.  – Of course, time and practice did the job!  Clairvoyance is a gift you should develop as if it were an invisible muscle. The more you practice, the stronger it gets. We all have an equal chance at accessing our psychic side. The problem is that society insists that we should only develop the logical, rational part of our mind. Focused on linear thinking, we are neither encouraged nor trained to understand the intuitive aspect of it.
D&F – When and how did you start using Tarot?
B.K. – I started researching the paranormal – the mystery of religions, occultism, and all sorts of esoteric wisdom – at an early age. At 16, living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I came across the Tarot of Marseille. The French card deck was probably invented in northern Italy in the 15th century and introduced into southern France when the French conquered Milan and the Piedmont in 1499. The 78-card version of the game of Tarot nearly died out in Italy but survived in France and Switzerland. Years later, while living in Europe, I found out that the Ancient Egyptians were familiar with (and very likely originated) Tarot imagery which is even present on the walls of their mighty pyramids. Tracing the evolution of the Egyptian symbolism helps us understand the origins of the occult Tarot.
D&F –  At what age did you first start working as a psychic?
  B.K. – I was performing Tarot readings for friends for many years, without charging a penny. in 2000, I moved to the US and then received the opportunity to be a “fortune-teller” for the entertainment industry.
D&F – Why did you choose this particular profession?
B.K. – Working with empathy and compassion directed my path towards a quest of professional activity. In 2002, I became a professional counselor, using my gift in a new, different way by helping people. Even though I do occasionally perform private readings about personal matters, I prefer to work with the police on unsolved crimes since they are in a position to follow up on clues. Private readings can sometimes be harmful if you unintentionally give someone wrong “programming”. For example, it is never good to tell a young person about to get married how long their marriage is likely to last.
D&F –  What was the most interesting psychic experience of your life?
B.K.  – Working on private investigations, as a psychic detective, in human trafficking and children abduction – including many cases with city, county, and state law enforcement agencies in the US, as well as several foreign countries.
D&F – Any advice for someone starting to notice similar abilities in themselves?
B.K.  – Practice meditation in regular basis. Practice visualization. All clairvoyants have strong visualization ability. Use crystals to open up and activate the Third Eye. Set the Intention to receive guidance through spirits, dreams and other paranormal means.
D&F –  How do you envision your future?
B.K. I am 70 now and ought to retire soon – but I can’t. I know people need me.
Bea Kobran
Holistic Therapist – Psychic Reader
954 798 3690


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