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Meet Julia Sylvester, she specializes in Eyebrow Shaping and Designing. Julia was born in Eastern Europe in the country of Latvia. She is from the city of Riga. Julia has lived in this great country almost nine years.
Julia is a Licensed Aesthetician, and a Certified Lash Artist by Award-Winning Industry leader – NovaLash. Julia Sylvester also obtained certification by the official Phibrows Academy specializing in Microblading, which is a semi-permanent tattoo. While she loves everything about beauty – her main interest is in eyes and brows. She has learned eyebrow techniques from celebrity known gurus Anastasia Beverly Hills and Kelley Baker Brows.
Julia’s dream is for people who style eyebrow and lashes, to truly believe they are CREATING ART!
Before doing eyelash extensions and microblading, Julia had worked in many different fields. She has two Bachelor degrees, one being Interior Design and a second in Public Relations.
She has worked fully in these two spheres, changing one position after another, and having time to work as a bartender/waitress, as well as in an attorney’s office. Nothing really inspired her in these fields. Julia always wanted to be a successful business woman and dreamed about this.  Being in love with beauty and fashion, she knew one day she could do something that would be her dream come true!  Julia thought she tried hard to find her way to be happy and satisfied, as most of her life was spent studying and learning new things again and again.  Julia also became a certified Wedding Planner and finished Cooking School.  What else did she do?  Julia was jack of all trades…Master of None…and that was about to end. Julia’s journey starts here – Finally as always, being in love with beauty she decided go to beauty school to be an aesthetician. She was so satisfied and very excited with her decision. During the program in school Julia saw one girl with gorgeous lashes!!! She was stunned and was trying to figure out if they were her own lashes?  So beautiful and long and her eyes looked so different. Julia took notice because she seen that girl every day in class. It was uncomfortable for her to ask the girl, because four-five years ago lash extensions were not as popular as they are now. But she did ask anyway!!  And she got her answer – they were Lash Extensions!!  And after that, her journey began.  Julia took the lash extensions additional course and passed it !
Oh…Julia did not notice nor realize how HARD and CHALLENGING it was!  She had to constantly practice and be very precise at what she did. Through many hours of hard work and pushing herself to become the best, Julia feels that she has finally achieved a high level of excellence in her craft! Her repeat clients and the many referrals received is a testament to that. Furthermore, as a Lash Artist, Julia realized she wanted to do more…Eyebrows. Many clients asked her about a new technique known as Microblading. So, Julia her research for few months to find the best school for that, and after reading numerous reviews, she choose one of the best schools to learn Microblading…Phibrows Academy. This school was another long journey for Julia. Phibrows Academy will not give a completion certificate until passing grades are achieved at all 11 levels. At each level and every stroke on Faux skin, you must send a sample to your Master Instructor for evaluation. And they can drop students from the program when not satisfied with students’ strokes or shape. And as an Artist, Julia had been drawing since being a child and she did not realize it could be that hard for her, every stroke had to be very precise and thin as a hair. Some days, Julia was exhausted and did not understand why her Master Instructor could not pass her.  Already on her level 11, she was working with the sixth or seventh model, as she recalls, she remembered looking on her work and showing her husband the pictures of her work. He was a little bit upset and asked her what actually was wrong with her work? “This is great work Julia!! What does she want from you?” he exclaimed.  And the answer of course was very simple – The master Instructor wanted Julia to be the best. Phibrows Academy is the standard of excellence for eyebrows and microblading instruction! Julia was once told … “Forget the mistake – remember the lesson”
Early morning, after six months of hard work, fatigue, patience and perseverance, Julia almost gave up.  But still believing in herself, one day she received a message – WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL PHIBROW FAMILY!!!  Oh…you cannot imagine how happy she was. It is an amazing feeling when a career and passion come together. That moment, she felt as though she had wings and she wanted to fly!  But mostly, Julia was very proud of herself to keep pushing as she did to pass the course and become a certified Microblading Specialist. After having successfully worked many years in upscale salons, Julia decided to start her own business and share her passion and expertise. Her journey has just begun. And she will continue to look for new innovations, search for the best award-winning products, and be valuable to her gorgeous clients.  Without them, she realizes she would not be where she is now!
And most important to Julia – it is the final result, when her clients look at themselves in the mirror and have a BIG smile! Always remember that you are never fully dressed without your eyebrows. Its not selfish to love and care for yourself, making your happiness a priority.
“It is up to you to see the beauty of everyday things” – Julia Sylvester
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