NEW RULES NEW LUXURY And Of Course, New Shoes

our-story-tamara-mellon-1Tamara Mellon – Designer and co-founder Jimmy Choo.

” –  I co-founded Jimmy Choo in 1996 and 20 years later, I’m still obsessed with shoes but not the traditional way of doing things. So I’m starting over.  This is my reboot (pun intended). I’m redefining luxury and doing what I do best: designing shoes and breaking rules.”
ICON_VELVET_PAOLA_KUDACKI_023_R3_Editorial_2048x-2 (1)New Rules of Luxury
I’ve been around the block (more than once, in killer heels). I know what women need, and want. My shoes are designed by and for women. They’re for leaning in, climbing ladders, shattering ceilings, walking out, school dropoffs, making an entrance, and re-writing rules. If you love something, we want to know. If you feel we can do better, we really want to know.
Araki_10_Black_Capretto_Flat_2048x3New Prices.
Same Craftsmanship
Forget shoes that are priced at six times what it cost to make them. Forget the traditional retail calendar. I have forged relationships with family-run factories that for decades have made luxury shoes that won’t strain your body or your bank account. No caveats (or markups), no seasons  just time honored craftsmanship at direct to women prices
Let’s be honest: women know what they want. We want something that looks as good as it feels. That makes us stand out and stand tall. Something that we’ve chosen – not been sold. My newest edition is meant to seduce you in all those ways.
No holiday gimmicks, no clickbait talk of ‘must-haves’ , just luxury for women who know what they deserve.
after-hours-3-desktop_handle_after-hours-110-jacquard-sanda-5lAfter Hours
The After Hours Edition is meant for long nights and low lights, champagne flutes and celebrations. These are the heels you throw on for big events and intimate gatherings alike, and we’re not going to say holiday parties– but they wouldn’t look out of place wherever they take you.
Luxury Service
We believe service isn’t reserved for a select few, but is an act of gratitude when a woman chooses to shop with us. We make things that age slowly but get them to you quickly and we apply our same standard for craftsmanship and materials to our customer experience. Should your shoes need anything, our first-of-its-kind complimentary Cobbler Care service will take care of them, direct from your doorstep”.


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