Luxury Travel As Healing Therapy


Are you single and tired of kissing a lot of frogs on your journey to find “Prince Charming”? .. LOL .. I  have just One Travel Therapy Trip for you!


Head to one of Paris Hotel’s darlings. For me, Hotel Four Seasons George V is the best hotel in Paris. The rooms are beautifully appointed, the hotel interior is decadent, and there is an in-house restaurant.


In fact, scheduling time to relax might be just the ticket. I’m heading to Paris with a friend for a couple days’ time, and I’m trying a new travel tactic. Since the city is going to be cold, and since I’m not exactly a fan of cold temperatures, we’ve only (loosely) planned our morning and evening activities, while the afternoons will be solely devoted breathtaking hotel Four Seasons George V.  (chosen specifically for this reason, naturally).

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The pace of life these days is pretty crazy. You work a full-time job but the new definition of full-time seems to mean 24/7, round-the-clock insanity. You check your work email on your iPhone in the middle of the night and are never far from your laptop in case someone needs you, even on the weekend.


Relaxation is reserved for those sick days you can’t afford to take and for beach vacations that don’t happen often enough, right? Well, wrong. If you don’t let your body and mind relax every once in a while, you’re going to get exhausted, sick or worse. It’s not easy but it’s possible.
How many times have you returned home from a fantastic vacation, only to hear yourself telling someone that you’re so exhausted you need another one to recover?
For many people flying can be an uncomfortable experience, so it is important to fill your bag with calming scents and distractions to help pass the time. (Nervous fliers will love Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy fragrance, designed to soothe.)
ivaBD11-7Turn off data roaming and/or push notifications on your phone. Don’t check your email (or, if that’s as unreasonable for you as it is for me, check it once a day at a predetermined time only). Purposely stay somewhere without a TV or radio — seriously, if something big happens in the world, you’ll find out sooner or later anyway.
ivaBD-12-8Sometimes, however, we get so focused on capturing what’s happening around us that we forget to fully experience it; hardly a recipe for relaxation. Photos get damaged, deleted or lost in the archives of FB, but memories last forever… I want to make sure mine are made with all my senses, not just my viewfinder.


If we don’t get to see everything we’d like to? Well, I’m pretty sure Paris will still be there next time… Paris is great all year round!



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