What is The Real Meaning of Christmas?


I talked about how materialistically crazy Christmas has become. For many, especially children, the meaning of Christmas is simply how many good presents they get. But as we all know (hopefully), that’s not the real meaning of Christmas.

As we get older, we realize that there’s more to it than presents. Every now and then there will be a movie or news story on television about some truly generous giver. And with that, we are reminded of a better perspective on the holidays; that it is like Jesus said, “More blessed to give than to receive.”
So then, the real meaning of Christmas is giving, right?



Well actually, no… For many, Christmas is either merry or depressing because of how many good presents they are able to give. And for some, because their financial situation makes it very difficult to give, they have come to hate the Christmas holidays because of all the giving. Whether your focus is on getting presents or on giving presents – either way, the true meaning of Christmas is NOT about the presents. So, if the true meaning of Christmas is not about giving or receiving presents, then what?


Many Facebook and blog commentators wrote that the most difficult part of Christmas for them was missing a person who was not with them any more…
It’s like the old Cat Stephens’ song (way before your time) “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”With my son Fulton’s accident I have been forced to stare this truth in the face. Yes, I’m just like the rest of you, and especially like those for whom tragedy (or near tragedy) is a reminder to us of what is really important. Christmas is so much more than presents, receiving them or even giving them.
So then, the real meaning of Christmas is about the people in your life that you love – right?


As much as I feel the importance of loved ones at this moment (and will be what Christmas really meansreminded of it every Christmas for the rest of my life) No, that’s not the real meaning of Christmas. There are people all over the world who love their friends and family, but who do not celebrate Christmas.


Okay, so what is the real meaning of Christmas?
I’m no Scrooge. Christmas is partly about giving and receiving gifts and it is about celebrating the family and friends in our lives. But the real meaning of Christmas is something even higher, bigger, and infinitely better than all of that.
Christmas is about totally pure, unconditional, irrepressible…self-denying TRUE LOVE… #Christmas

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