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My life has shifted in the new positive gear, enabling me to focus, sensing energy and relating socially to others, and enjoy life


I kept practicing OBE through all my life; the practice that became a healing method that I will explain below. Having the regaining control over my sleep, I became an extremely positive person and my life became wonderful. I felt overwhelmingly lucky, although without associating this emotion with any specific goal like being famous or rich.
I believe people should follow their dreams. My dream since I was a child was to help others, but I neither knew exactly how I should go about it, nor anticipated that one day I will help others to relax their minds. I was confused whether it should be psychology, sociology, etc. Pulled by life in different directions, I didn’t have the chance to achieve a high degree in a specific academic area. The last 15 years were, perhaps, the happiest in my life because I was able to finally go after my dream; I found the purpose of my life.


I came to learn different healing modalities and that enabled me today to help many people. If I would have to categorize myself, I’d say I am more of a self-taught energy healer practitioner than a theorist.  I had this client recently, who told me that he needed to close a deal, which seemed to fall through at any moment. And, I looked at his Tarot cards and then it came to me. I told him that for a positive outcome he had to take an immediate flight to Belarus and be there for the closure in person.  The guy trusted me.  He took a plane to Belarus and had all these papers signed.  Then he called me and said that if he weren’t there in person, he’d never sign this contract.  If you would ask me, who told me, how I knew, or what these cards were, I won’t be able to tell you. There is something stronger than the cards or whatever tools you are using. Don’t get me wrong.  It took me a lifetime of learning, to master the science and art of psychic visions – sensing energy for spiritual healing purposes.


For years, I researched and study the ancient teachings of several spiritual traditions: Buddhism, Judeo-Christian sacraments, Hinduism Chakras, Shintoism, Taoism and Kabbalah (Tree of life). However, I am not puzzled with the “why” these methods work, but rather concerned with “how” to perform them effectively so that I can help people. Knowledge usually comes to me in a non-linear way.  For example, I took a few lessons in Astrology and I learned quite a bit from this class.  Yet, it’s hard for me to pinpoint what exactly was it? When I look at the astrological chart it speaks to me, I have visions, I see things and pictures.  It’s like the blueprint of a person’s life.  These types of tools are absolutely metaphysical!
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