Former Model, Forever Role Model!


Angela Bailey’s story reads like the blueprint drawn for most youth born in any urban community in the United States.  She was born to a poor single mother, reared in a housing project, and she recalls a time when money was more than tight, it was non-existent.  
Furthermore, she was inundated with dismal images of what appeared to be a future full of the same for her.  However, in time, Angela’s story takes a turn that mirrors the famed poet and author Maya Angelou’s. Angelou credits a teacher for opening her mind to thinking “outside the box” and not allowing her impoverished surroundings to influence the path her life would take.  Likewise, Angela Bailey received the same inspirational advice as a child, and like Angelou, she hasn’t looked back since


Truly, those stumbling blocks became stepping-stones and a foundation for building Ms. Bailey’s self esteem and lifting her above what she calls “generational curses” plaguing her community.   Angela is a first generation college student; she graduated with a Masters degree in Social Sciences, also a former professional runway model and currently a business owner.


Angela serves as the Chief Executive Operator of WTWP, LLC, a fashion show production company that provides model training/management, image consulting and special event planning; the (for profit) company was founded in 1998.


A year later, Angela and her sister LaWanda Bailey founded Urban Reflections, Inc., a non-profit, community based organization that provides mentoring to at-risk youth.  Through mentorship and the arts (fashion), our mission is to enrich the lives of girls (ages 8-18) and women, in underserved communities, by developing character and improving self-esteem.

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Fashion is my passion and serving my community is my purpose, says Angela Bailey.  I loved my time on the runway, as a professional model but I am truly fulfilled when I impact the lives of youth.  For almost 2 decades we’ve worked in the Central and South Florida communities, providing relevant resources for women and girls, equipping them with the tools needed to navigate through life.


Thousands of mentees and models have graduated from our program and have gone on to lead productive, happy and healthy lives.  Our primary goal with aspiring talent (models) and mentees is making sure they understand the importance of nurturing positive self-esteem and confidence.
We are currently registering youth between the ages of 8-18 in the South Fla. area for our Annual Fashioning Self Esteem Academy (F.S.E.A.).
Any interested participants can contact our organization at
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