A True Sicilian Story


The vision for The Bake Bar came from the amazing exposure I had to good food as I was growing up in Sicily.  All my childhood memories of the festivities start in my grandmothers’ kitchen where we prepared every dish from scratch, hours before the guests would arrive.


Only recently I realized that she shared with me at very early age a very wise and important ingredient in any Italian recipe “time!” or I she put it “aspetta!” (wait).


Today at the Bake Bar we take time to prepare all of our sweet and savory pastries from scratch each day. Our doughs are made in house with all-natural ingredients and long fermentation periods the way Nonna Anna did it!


Our Lunch & Dinner menu (available daily on Facebook) changes regularly never to get repetitive and like a good Italian mother keep the diners well fed and eager to seat at the table again for next meal.


Currently we also offer the classic Italian breakfast with cornetto & cappuccino as well as
a variety of savory pastries and Italian salted cakes to meet the needs and craving of the most demanding costumers. At anytime of the day from morning until the evening The Bake Bar is your local one-stop shop for fresh pastries, mouth-watering food, coffee, wine and friendly atmosphere.
Location: 3354 N Ocean blvd Ft Lauderdale 33308
the owner of
“The Bake Bar”
on Galt Ocean Mile at Fort Lauderdale, Florida
with daughters
ANNALISA 2.5 y.o.and ELISABETA  11 y.o




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